Mother Tongue For School Education

Mother tongue has the potential to transfer knowledge to the people by reading or listening as was proved by Poet Goswami Tulsidas more than 500 years ago. He can be considered as the innovator and pioneer in taking the risk of writing in the mother tongue when the recognized language of the elite was Sanskrit. The hostility Tulsidas faced was unmatched but he didn’t give up and produced the epic  Ramcharitmanas, that brought profound knowledge of the ancient scholars to the people in their mother tongue.

Many scholars had written on the subject of Shri Ram but none outshone him.

The Ramcharitmanas is a mine of profound knowledge in simple language.

Scholars from hundreds of languages appreciate it.

Debate in modern India has been going on about mother tongue as the medium of primary education.

The New Education Policy announced by the government of India last week makes provision for it.

Quality of school education in many cities and villages is decidedly poor. The students suffer the consequences of poor schooling as they are not considered employable.

Teachers across all language groups and Mathematics up to Middle Standard hardly do justice to their job.

Language is as difficult as Mathematics or any other subject to the learner, which can’t be learnt without the help of a good teacher.

What use is education if it fails to provide literacy and numeracy, which are the basic building blocks of an individual.

Poor proficiency in language is a devastating handicap and road to poverty.

I would welcome a government which guarantees basic education to all school children in language and mathematics.

It alone determines whether you are going to live and die as a poor man/woman in India or live as a proud Indian.

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