Narco-terrorism In India

Narcotics is a subject never discussed in Indian schools and families, but it has assumed dangerous proportions. Unless efforts are made to inform the public of its dangers, innocent persons will be caught unawares, as illustrated by the NCB arrests in Mumbai and the film industry coming in for unwelcome public gaze. As a first step, a white paper on the subject needs to be published immediately and given wide publicity. Presently, even the Annual Report of the Narcotics Control  Bureau is out of easy public reach.

A map of India depicting the production, supply, consumption areas and international networks ought to be included in the publication.

How drugs are pushed at school and college Annual Day functions, sports events, cultural evenings, literary meets, field trips for project work and camps, festivals like Valentine’s Day need to be properly highlighted to protect vulnerable youth in festive mood. Opium in chocolate, chuski-mein whisky, bhang in burfi and pakora, liquor in fresh fruit juice in cities “which never sleep” and hukka-bars complete with modern floor dancing are products of a business of Rs. 500000 (five lakh) Crore per annum or more.

It’s Dubai and Nepal connection is significant as Pakistan’s ISI is actively promoting Narco-terrorism against India.

The modus operandi needs to be exposed as poor, innocent, illiterate boys, girls, youth are the target. They are allured by the film heroes, heroines and models taking drugs, which is a statement of aristocracy   as cigarettes used to be in old Bollywood films.

Once a boy or girl walks into the trap laid by the narco-terrorists, it is difficult to escape- they are killed, and their organs sold in the illegal organ trade.

How drugs damage physical and mental health of the consumer has to be vividly illustrated. Cigarette packs carry illustrations depicting injurious effects of smoking, but no such illustration is in circulation for narcotics, psychotropic substances, psychedelic drugs, opium, ganja, charas and bhang. It is so frightening to even imagine that poison and cobra venom is mixed with these substances and taken or smoked!

Liquor and drugs destroy both physical as well as financial health of poor/middle income families, especially women and children.

The narco-terrorist mafia plans and modus of anti-national activities have to be publicised clearly. Over the years the mafia has built very strong connections with politicians, legislators, ministers, film personalities, journalists, advocates, builders, Public Relations Agencies, Image Building Agencies, businesses, criminals, Naxalites, hawala operators and smugglers. It is a matter of public health, homeland security, public finance, national economy and national defence. It calls for firm swift action. It should be debated in schools/colleges and universities on Anti-Drugs Day.

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