Why Is Jinping Paranoid?

The Chinese President for Life Xi Jinping is so paranoid these days that he wants to throw the Chinese masses in to an uncalled-for war with so many countries at the same time. He is not able to choose the theatre of war at the moment. He is not able to convince his people about the reason for going to a war at this juncture when the Chinese masses do not have minimum food or shelter or employment. In war, he seems to imagine an opportunity to stoke patriotism and win popular support which he is losing fast. He is afraid of his enemies within!

Why is Xi Jinping afraid of his enemies? It is because the Chinese propaganda to fool its masses does not hold anymore. The mouthpiece of Xi Jinping and government, the Global Times, evokes ridicule! The Chinese masses are disillusioned with the communist model of governance and demand democratic form of government from Xi Jinping. So far, the China Communist Party and Xi Jinping have been able to suppress it but won’t be able to retain their hold on the people for long; certainly not if a war breaks out now.

The enemies of Xi Jinping are friends of the Chinese masses, whom they treat as their leaders instead of Mao. Democracy is a word that sends Xi Jinping into paroxysm of war with its neighbours. He gets relief from his anxiety in the delusion of scoring easy victory knowing well that nothing more than destruction awaits him. The leaders of other countries represent open societies practicing democracy. The myth of Maoism stands blasted. It is no more a panacea for poverty and other ills of a country like China. No other country admires Mao.

In contrast, most of the 202 countries of the world are either practicing democracy or are agitating for it, some even in civil war for democracy.

The Chinese people have access to all this information, which was withheld from them by the Chinese Communist Party and its government for more than 70 years. Instead the masses were fed disinformation, misinformation and fake news, epitomised by the Global Times and other electronic media controlled by the government. Xi Jinping could not stop this valuable exposure of the Chinese masses, especially the educated youth, to the world scenario. They are more intelligent than Xi Jinping and the CCP consider them.

As China wanted to beat capitalist countries by registering higher economic growth, it had to interact with peoples from other countries and that brought the Chinese in contact with different societies globally. The Chinese industrial products reached world markets and the world of electronics brought world leaders to their homes. Products, ideas and a variety of thoughts from foreign countries also arrived in China. India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi won a sizable following of the Chinese people on Twitter etc. There are millions of young Chinese admirers of Narendra Modi who love and dream to have democracy in China. By creating war hysteria against India Xi Jinping wants to win back the youth by arousing patriotism though he is clearly on a path of self-destruction.

He miscalculated his chances of winning a war against India.

He was repeatedly cautioned not to even think of any misadventure.

He was reminded that it was not 1962 but 2020, but Xi allowed himself the delusion of the communism of the 1962. In 1962, India was in a friendly mindset towards China, USSR, Vietnam, Korea and other countries struggling to free themselves from the yoke of colonial power and gain freedom. Such noble sentiments were abused by the Chinese leadership in 1962 which became an enemy country instantly. The charm of communism was gone in a moment. The Indian Communist party had to take the severest hit: it was split first and decimated later. Xi Jinping is getting misguided by the Communists of India pursuing their own self-interests in cahoots with the Indian National Congress Party (controlled from outside by the Communists, Evangelists and Jehadis).

Driven to craziness, the Chinese President has been seeking friendship with dictators and military regimes like Pakistan as the entire Chinese Communist Party is mortally afraid of democracy. It will be proved in the very first free and fair democratic election in China if it is ever held.

Xi Jinping likes Pakistan particularly because both practice dictatorship and treat their masses most inhumanely. People in Pakistan are poor and hungry but the military rulership feeds only illusions of winning the war against India fooling them about Kashmir. It is so funny that Pakistan military had successfully manipulated Xi Jinping to fight their war against India (like a bully in primary school instigating others to pick up a fight and then complain to the class teacher).

China was humiliated in Galvan so much that it never revealed the exact number of casualties suffered by it, never publishing their details in the electronic media or Global Times. Xi Jinping’s government humiliated their dead soldiers by cremating them in the dead of the night far away from their homes where no family member was allowed to participate in the last rites of the soldiers. Such inhuman conduct of the Jinping government exhibits the flawed Maoism which is for the prosperity of the Communist Party Leaders and not for the masses.

Watching the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the official visit of Xi Jinping to India in October 2019 the Chinese people have adopted the Indian PM’s slogan of SABKA VIKAS, SABKA SAATH, SABKA VISWAS (Development for all, support to everyone, trust of all). That has created so much stress in Xi Jinping that he seeks to destress it by starting a war against India, but Galvan has compelled him to think twice before taking the risk of a sure defeat and economic disaster.

China should forget about BRI- it is as good as dead. Xi Jinping had   committed the blunder of taking India for granted. He made the same mistake which his predecessors had made in 1962- abusing the warm hospitality of India and its Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who hosted a very successful official visit to India by Jinping, his wife and a delegation. He perhaps thought that the Indians were the same 1962 kind (foolish) sentimental people and started acting funny after returning to China. In 2017 Xi Jinping had tested the resolve of Indian people to put some sense in his mind in Doklam. He succumbed to the charming instigations of Pakistan Military Generals to score a winning victory against India and fulfil his dream of BRI by engaging India in Galvan in East Ladakh.

Xi Jinping alone is personally responsible for the consequences in the region if it leads to an all-out war.

It is costing China millions of Dollars every day for maintaining a huge force of 60,000 soldiers and equipment in the region. India has maintained alertness at its borders and was ready for any situation. China’s instigator Pakistan loses nothing but gains lots of free funds and military equipment from China. It is in illegal occupation of Indian territory in Kashmir and knows that it will lose it soon- it makes business sense to sell it to China instead of India capturing it. Pakistan retains the option of blackmailing Xi (or next President of China) when the kidnapping of prominent workers engaged on BRI projects in Pakistan is engineered by them in collusion with the terrorist forces whom they would like China to use to fill the vacuum created by the withdrawing American forces in the region. The case of Osama Bin Laden who was provided a safe sanctuary in the Army Cantonment in Pakistan should be remembered. The Pakistan Army blackmailed America and received billions of Dollars in aid from them to search and catch Osama Bin Laden. Will they act different with China? China is not ideologically closer to the Pakistan military but is merely a rich customer to be fleeced by seductive rhetoric. It will shift loyalty to America when it gets paid better.

China stands severely punished economically after Xi Jinping tried to bully a bold Narendra Modi and a brave India. It has lost more than 40% export trade due to Xi Jinping’s crusades in all fronts against democracies and the affliction of COVID-19 cultured in Wuhan!

Xi Jinping fears Indian democracy and by forcing a war dreams of deterring the Chinese masses from starting the second Tiananmen Protests against Xi Jinping and win the civil war over the communist party dictatorship to establish democracy in China.

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