Misplaced Contempt For Contempt Of Court

On the hit list of the enemies of any nation these days are (1) the head of the government; (2) chief of the army; (3) chief justice of the country; (4) traditions; (5) customs; (6) social and family institutions; (7) religious leaders of the majority community; (8) symbols of national pride; (9) national economic assets; (10) journalists, editors, television anchors and other associates of the media.

Criticism is misconstrued to mean vilification campaigns. Malignant agenda is portrayed as freedom of thought and expression. Violation of the spirit of constitutional democracy is taken to mean unrestrained powers of the states over the centre. Arrogance of the chief ministers is drilled with contempt of the privilege of the assembly and journalists are locked up, businesses closed, individuals penalised.

Objections are raised only against the power of the court for contempt. What a fallacy?

The assembly procedure is contaminated ab initio, but the court proceedings are open and assisted by learned lawyers on both sides.

Today’s atmosphere is so polluted that anything can be said against anybody.

But for the contempt of court powers, independent judiciary will be demolished in no time and the bench would remain empty.

Subsequently the bench shall be occupied by corrupt people owing allegiance only to the politician and not to the Constitution.

Singed by thousands of complaints, the politicians brought the law against frivolous complaints. They sought contempt powers through such act to haul up anybody (innocent person/s generally) to the assembly besides the breach of privilege proceedings and deliver kangaroo justice couched in legalese.

The politicians had also legislated the Goondas Act.

Can the court do anything to a goonda who has managed to become a chief minister?

There should be absolutely no allowance made to such forces, especially when they act as agents of the enemies of a nation. There can and ought not be any compromise on ethics in politics and democratic standards.

After demolishing the parliamentarians and the government, the enemies of the nation are focused on the chief justice.

They want to destroy this institution of strong public faith before change of the prime minister.

Contempt for the contempt powers of the court must be seen in this context.

Without a strong and independent judiciary, it becomes easy for them to create all kinds of confusion and chaos leading to anarchy.

They subscribe to violence propagated by the leftists and religious fundamentalists.

They find fault with everything that serves the public interest and justify everything that works against it.

They are out to launch a civil war.

They do not like good governance.

They will achieve their goal only if the court is weak and unable to protect the rights of the people.

That becomes easier if the judges can be intimidated and made to do injustice instead of dispensing justice.

In larger public interest, the Contempt of Court power should remain on the statue book and used whenever required without hesitation.  


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