Need For Urgent Judicial Reforms In India

Bail to innocent citizens of India, especially in cases in which the police or others dishonestly frame him/her/them should be the norm and jail the exception.

Let the citizens Self-Certify the bail conditions and take the responsibility to honour the promise.

The Constitution guarantees the “dignity” of the individual. The citizen may not be able to furnish the surety of even 500 rupees (an LSR student committed suicide as she could not pay the fees. We are a poor country. Our promise should be enough).

Bail is a huge source of terrible corruption and affects adversely the dispensation of justice.

If reformed soon big police reforms will also ensue. 

Let us impart respect to the police constable: instead of calling him/them policewale/policewali, the formal designation must be used.

Is police service a matter of honour?

Should one feel proud to serve society as a policeman like the soldier guarding our borders or hang his/her head in shame for indulging in acts of violence against the citizens like disrobing and beating a woman prisoner with leather belt?

Should the policeman not win the trust and respect of the people by being friendly to them?

Needless to repeat that it is perfectly lawful for even a police constable to defy unlawful orders of his/her superior.

Because the job of a police constable has been reduced to be less than honourable by the Brown Sahibs of the democratic India, the country’s progress towards becoming a Superpower has been compromised greatly.

The police have been deterred from doing its lawful duty to society by ordering them to guard the criminals jailed for more than 3 years!

If the police work honestly, they will not implicate innocent people in criminal cases and put them in jail creating opportunities for making illegal money for the police department, politicians, lawyers, corrupt judges and irresponsible journalists denigrating democracy mocking the Rule of Law.

If bail becomes the rule and jail the exception it will restore integrity of the constable automatically, reduce court cases drastically and eradicate corruption to a very great extent.

Police honesty alone can eradicate more than 75% corruption from India.

All other departments will be cautious before acting unlawful if they trust the police will spare no corrupt public servant.

Decline in moral standards and integrity in police resulted in increase of all-round corruption in geometric proportions.

People know how and why corrupt regimes have been resisting investigation by the CBI.

Time to make law for CBI assigned powers without waiting for state government approval.

Let us pay due attention to strengthening the cutting edge of administration by making the jobs honourable and satisfying.

Government job is more prestige than money, like the noble profession of teaching. Can anybody imagine a prosperous and strong society without teachers?

We, the people of India, solemnly say that corruption cannot be eradicated unless we clean the police and make them professional of the highest integrity.

Police is like the immune system of the body which alone can keep infection away!

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