From Twenty-Four to twenty-four

India is a land of mysteries. Indians are a mysterious people. Look at the land of 24 Tiranthkars and Mahaveer Swami. Now look at the Republic of 24 Opposition Parties and one Prime Minister. Rise or fall of standards? At a time of Duniya Bandh they gave a call for Bharat Bandh on 8th December! The world is already at the edge of its nerves because of the Bandh imposed by COVID-19 which includes Bharat, i.e. India. But the opposition 24 are not happy- they want to add to the misery of the people of India, which includes farmers in whose name they gave the call for Bharat Bandh. They have no moral, political or legal right to do so. Some public-spirited lawyer must institute pro bono a class litigation in the Supreme Court of India against these 24 for giving the call of Bharat Bandh because they have no such rights under the Constitution of India: it amounts to declaring Emergency. Even Emergency can be imposed in certain circumstances only like a state of war or internal insurgency or economic requirement. The call for Bharat Bandh by the 24 opposition parties was an offence against the citizens of India. They propose to continue it for more days. They have resorted to lies, vilification, distortions and committed hate crime. They are guilty of abuse of impressionable minds in the name of Marxism, communism and socialism. They have been indulging in these objectionable activities from the 1960s onwards misleading the youth of India charming them with an illusory “revolution”. Their definition of revolution is as clouded as their own vision; their rhetoric as seductive as their call for Bandh/Dharana/Strike/Gherao/Work To Rule/Pen Down Strike and  Chakka Jam. Trade Unions can strike work in their factory but can’t clamp a shut down on all commercial and economic activities of the nation. They must be sued for damages for an unlawful activity causing financial loss of more than a thousand crore rupees to the Indian Economy, and mental agony to the 135 Crore Indians. These 24 don’t have any idea of loss caused by a nationwide shut down for a day. They are so insensitive to the trauma of hunger they have caused to Crores of poor Indian children, women and men by not allowing them to get work and wages for a day which alone could have got them their food in the evening. They call themselves politician inspired by Marxism, Communism or Socialism but forget that at least 24 Crore Indians survive on Roj Kamaanaa Roj Khaanaa (earn daily to eat daily)! They only talk tempting jargon and rhetoric about an impending revolution which has alluded Crores of Indian youth in the last 24×3=72 years and made a Rip Van Winkle of them. One day Winkle went to the forest and fell in the company of the dwarfs, who were carousing. They made him drink. Winkle drank one cup and lost consciousness. Years passed before he regained consciousness. He did not know who he was or where he was. Walking he reached a human habitat, which was actually his village. He did not recognize anybody there nor did anybody recognize him. After some time, an old lady called out his name. She told him his name. She told him that his son was living nearby but his wife had died.  Winkle had become old and grown a long white beard. His son too had become old. All his friends had died. Rip Van Winkle thanked the King for uniting him with his son when he was told that democracy had substituted monarchy long ago!

That is what Indian communists and Congresses of many denominations call revolution! The promised revolution has only left several millions of young men and women as Naxals, Maoists and fake Socialists. In other words, they are no more than party workers or volunteers surviving on small mercies of these politicians who have become corpulent and opulent. It is not acceptable to the masses.

These parties have to pay for the offence of mental abuse of the adolescents! One day the matter will go to the court for compensation for pain and agony to the people payable by these 24 parties. Till then, their leaders better observe fast for one full day in a fortnight before they call for another Bharat Bandh to see what it means to go to sleep on an empty stomach in the severe winter of Delhi National Capital Region. During the fast they can neither eat nor drink nor speak any lies. In Maun Vrat or Silence Fast they do not speak except brief written communication in an emergency. Also, they ought to familiarise themselves during this time with the nobler thoughts of the 24 Tiranthkars and abandon the thoughts laced with poison by evil minds and their contaminated language.

A cleansed conscience will make them compensate the crores of those Indians who were distracted by their rhetoric making them abandon studies, professions, prospects for economic wellbeing and opportunities for economic and intellectual growth. They read millions of words in magazines and newspapers in the 1960 and 70s for which they paid by foregoing their meals. What have they gained? Poverty and backwardness, regionalism and casteism? What have politicians gained? Politicians have gained name, fame(?), power, position, privilege and wealth. They are easily among the Crorepati Indians, even if one can not access their IT Returns their declaration to the Election Commission of India are publicly accessible. From their IT Returns one could find out how much “farm income/agricultural income” they are including in their returns and getting tax exemption.

These 24 parties owe an apology to the farmers now agitating in the open in cold winter for 15 days incited by their malicious campaign against the progressive laws for farmer benefit. Should they be allowed to keep the farmers in chains forever?  No, they can’t keep the farmers in chains for long.

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