Public Service Rewards For Biden

A great victory for Joe Biden, President of the United States of America inaugurated today noon. Congratulations Mr. President!

He has got rewarded for service to the American people for almost half a century, undeterred by personal tragedy or pain.

He is likely to provide the much-needed balm to the injured Americans in the traumatic time of COVID-19.

His election is unlikely to change the geo-political scenario much as issues of concern to nations and humanity stay as they are presently. Post COVID-19 they might even aggravate further.

Poverty, in America or elsewhere, will continue to be one of the prominent election issues before leaders for many more decades as poverty elimination makes only enchanting election rhetoric.

Jobs are unlikely to grow as the pandemic has already changed commerce shrinking employment opportunities drastically.

Terrorism, which has spread from New York to Paris in less than 20 years, will cause instability in many more countries.

American supremacy is gone.

Europe will rise to defend its existence under serious threat from terrorism.

Policies pursued by China will impact America restricting its manoeuvrability.

The world will need to opt for frugality against waste as the preferred economic policy.

Climate change will have to be addressed sincerely, which will impose  heavy costs on all nations.

The world will have to search for new goals as one entity. Values will need to be re-defined and re-enforced.

Democracy costs too much and instability of society is a negative result of it.

Humanity needs much more than what the modern age has provided in the name of social, political and economic justice.

It is time to restore to mankind what has been taken away from it in the Age of Science & Technology.

What was appropriate for the 20th Century will not meet the demands of the 21st Century.

Words like liberty, equality, fraternity, secularism, socialism and the whole plethora of rights will get recast automatically or will be forced by challenging circumstances threatening the very survival of the human species and even planet Earth.

Limitations of science and technology will become too apparent.

Once human functions are carried out by robots, the survival of human beings will have no meaning.

The shape of things in future will be known only in due course!

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