Distraught Leaders and Disoriented Parties

Are the parties behind the agitation wishing the farmers well or cursing them?

Why do they want the farmers to remain poor and backward depending on their political mercies like MSP or Loan Waivers?

Why can’t a farmer dream or actually become an industrialist like an Ambani, Adani,  Tata or Birla (leftists’ jargon to incite hatred for the industrialists and rich businessmen and a statement of being revolutionary)? Can’t the farmer become a businessman with an annual turnover of 1000 Crores?

Will these political parties kill the farmer because he has joined the Ambani-Adani-Tata-Birla union?

And finally, can these political parties say honestly how many farmer politicians (Party men/women, Panch, Sarpanch, MLA, Minister, Zilla Pramukh, Panchayat Samiti Pramukh, Chairman Cooperative Bank, Chairman Shetkari Sangathan, Newspaper or Television Mughals of new India, Minister, Chief Minister, MP, Lobbying firms, Legal Services Firms, Chartered Accountancy firm, builders etc. are doing business of thousands of crores like Petrol Pump, Gas Agency, Cement Agency, fertilizers agency, seeds agency, pesticides agency, warehouse & Food Corporation godowns on hire (many in open but covered & built on paper), residential or commercial property hired to public sector banks, contractor for rolling stock scrap auctions, labour contractors, roads & bridges contractors, Sugar Mills, Pan Masala Units, Zarda/Tobacco manufacturer, private hospitals and clinics and drug stores etc and scores of other legal/illegal dhandha paani?

If they say honestly they will also regret publicly misleading poor Rakesh Tikaits of the farmers and thousands from Punjab, Haryana and other places.

Just compare the two symbols: Hansiya & Hatoda- which are used after the crop is ready for harvesting and hammer-hatoda after a factory has been set up. They do not promote sowing and cultivating but only cherry picking the fruits of others’ labour.

Have the leftists and socialists etc. set up any big industry in the public or private sector or only driven away industry from Bengal (ex.  Tata Nano car from Singur and now fooling the ruined farmers a factory after so many years!) and other places or closed them by organizing deadly strikes similar to the farmers’ agitation now.

Have they organized any strike against cancer causing Zarda/tobacco products like bidi or cigarettes?

Never, because of numbers?

They sacrifice cruelly the interests of the poorest of consumers of these products who are afflicted by devastating cancer (85% cancer cases according to the WHO latest report).

These 20 or 24 opposition parties are on the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health Ministry as Chairman or Member but are not known to have ever fought for the health and wellbeing of the poor kisan and/or majdoor.

So much for their sincerity and love for the farmers.

All the cost of cancer treatment is borne by the farmers as it is they or their  majdoor relatives who are affected by tobacco product induced cancer and they have to sell their house or farm land to save their dying children.

Are these politicians farmer friendly or farm labour friendly or only selfish?

They destroy, disrupt and disappoint.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Congress had the plough and oxen and a farmer- symbols of true farmers. What has the present Congress done to it? It shows a hand threatening everybody!

India has changed. It is no more susceptible to charming words of the communist rhetoric or socialist jargon or caste politics or sub-national sentiments of the disoriented political parties or distraught political leaders.

It understands why the farmer is not given a loan of 2000 rupees while an MP gets 200 Crore loan from an industrial house just for the asking and still talks of farmer interests being hurt by the 3 legislations and sits on symbolic hunger strike by the statue of the father of the nation at parliament and in states.

Baby politicians surviving only on dynasty promise the farmers a few thousand as relief or unemployment dole but no means of sustainable livelihood.

And they have no qualms inciting ugly slogans by their women ranks against the Prime Minister.

Mahatma Gandhi led national agitations as “satyagrah” but they are on “asatyagrah”.

Mahatma Gandhi practiced non-violence and they practice violence and incite violence openly. 

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