Twitter Is Injurious To Health.

Twitter is injurious to mental health. Health specialists warn  India of increasing burden of mental disorders like anxiety, depression etc needing costly intervention. Regrettably, India currently lacks sufficient number of specialists like psychiatrists. Costs to the economy in the next two decades are estimated to be 1.03 trillion of 2010 Dollars. Addiction to twitter contributes liberally to mental health issues. The Ministry of H&FW (Health & Family Welfare) has yet to collect statistics on increase in mental disorders induced by Social Media platforms like twitter.

But it is already causing anxiety to the otherwise cool headed discerning farmers of India, while the constantly on revolt mode communists have turned wise urban Naxalites.

Instant gratification- whether noodles or twitter-is harmful to mental health and responsible for increasing cases of self-harm.

When the company de-platforms the user it feels like punishment though there should be no reason to react that way.

What comes free is always attached to conditions in fine print not clear to the user (T&C apply).

By alluring the gullible to open account with it the platform increases profitability of its business.

It plays on human frailties of anger, frustration, dissatisfaction, disgruntlement, grievance, jealousy, love, faith, aggression, vilification, motivation, goals, revenge etc.   

Easy to handle twitter seduces the users to unwind and become twitter-addicts (twidicts, if I may coin the word). The mind is occupied by twitter all the time. Distracting the addict from normal activities of life it makes her/him/them crave for a dose of twitter stimulant every few minutes . One feels gratified and elated to mark presence on twitter!

Twitter in the process makes money by encouraging people to keep arguing for and against issues as well as non-issues of their choice without end.

Everything people see or do, speak or hear daily provokes reaction and further chain-reaction building conversation, chat or discussion.

One need not consume so much of it but habit formed once becomes difficult to kick out.

There are no known de-addiction and de-affliction centres for victims of twitter mania and obsession.

In the process the user is over-filled with negative emotions and views increasing the level of toxicity in the blood.

After all, the supply comes from conflict entrepreneurs and Sultans of social media like Twitter/FB etc.

The technological colonists that free platforms like twitter are, quietly target the populations for influencing public opinion on important matters of national and international significance. They affect values, thoughts, preferences and choices which affect trade and economics of nations. They flood the social media with conflict of interests disturbing public peace, threatening law & order, intellectual chaos of an order where the mind fails to decide who is right and who is wrong or what is right to do and what is wrong to do.

They have almost monopolised the press and media in India.

They monitor the access and time spent, reading habits, individual opinions expressed in comments (like/dislike or agree/disagree option), conversations, contributions to newspapers, magazines, TV channels etc.

They monitor computers and smart phones and record history of all online activities of people. With the power of Aggravated AI (Artificial Intelligence) they are watching the thinking, expressions and personal choices like food, music, entertainment, political affiliations, religious practices and chats with friend of the individual online and offline.

Too much of twitter kills!


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