Carrying Naxalism To Naxalbari?

Carry coal to Newcastle is easily understood. So is Ulte Baans Bareilly(Hindi), meaning carrying bamboo to Bareilly. But the greatest joke of the century is carrying Naxalism to Naxalbari.

To make it clear, Naxalbari is the name of a place in West Bengal. It came to prominence due to a local peasant rebel against the landowners, whom they called outsiders.

Inspired by passions evoked by the Marxist rhetoric of the time, it turned in to a violent movement in 1967. Its leaders came to dominate the political space soon and their jargon captured the academic and civil society of the time.

Those were the times when it was fashionable to call yourself “progressive” and make known your left leaning intellectual propensities.

It received substantial support from the poor masses fed on anti-corruption discourse and promise of a dream world by an armed revolution.

The dogma that power flowed from the barrel  of the gun decried democracy based on free and fair elections envisaged in the constitution of India.

It attracted thousands of young people. Its true communist identity started emerging slowly. Naxalbari stands as it was in 1967 and the peasants too are there in no better economic conditions other than that of peasants elsewhere in the country ruled by communists or their like-minded political allies. But millions of Indian youth have been ruined in the last 53 years as the violence propagated by the Communist Party (Maoist) and other leftist parties spread to more than 300 districts in the country creating a serious internal security problem.

Thousands of poor villagers, peasants, farmers, policemen and civilians have been mercilessly killed in Naxalite violence in these years.

They use fire arms procured from China, Pakistan and other countries and use IED to blast security forces’ posts and personnel. They are now called Left Wing Extremists (LWE) and Urban Naxalites!

It is a classic case of ballooning a small local problem in to a big  national internal security problem!

Naxalism has failed to change democracy in India or even in Naxalbari.

Even then, leaders of the farmers Agitation against the 3 Farm Laws and their mentors/directors/controllers are threatening to take the agitation to West Bengal where elections to the State Assembly are scheduled to take place in March and April 2021.

The Naxalites brought Naxalism to Delhi, UP, Haryana, Punjab etc but are now hauling it back to Naxalbari!


Isn’t it?

The other funny part of the developments is the use of the same tool (or toolkit!) of “outsiders” versus locals. The incumbent chief minister of West Bengal is fighting the current state assembly election to keep the outsiders away from West Bengal and yet taking support from outsiders like the protesting farmers at Delhi borders!

The communists had cleverly wrapped the Naxalbari lawlessness and violence as “movement” of the peasants against the landowners, much like the farmers agitation engineered by them, both for China.

In 1967, it was to re-establish themselves that the communists inflamed the Naxalbari movement after 5 years of the Chinese aggression on India in the year 1962.

The communist movement in India suffered a death blow as China inflicted a military defeat on India when Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of India, was fervently promoting Panchsheel or Five Principles of peace and co-existence and Non-Alignment as foreign policy.

It was such a devastating shock to Jawaharlal Nehru that he died in 1964. Nehru was the architect of Congress Party’s policy towards China, opposed to Subhas Chandra Bose’s favourite Japan. Nehru had personal equation with the Chinese leadership. But the 1962 aggression was a stab in his back.

The communists came to be hated publicly as agents of China.

During the war the communist leaders were touring India delivering public speeches in favour of China.

The Communist Party of India was vertically split into CPI and CP(M).

Later another branch under the name of CPI(M-L) was also born.

 And it was in this fashion that the Naxalbari movement was born, packaged as a farmers agitation and marketed.

It did not influence mainstream politics in India, but armed cadres of the Naxalites spread in to tribal belts rich in minerals and forests.

It provided them enough sources of illegal revenue by selling forest produce, minerals like coal and extortion from local poor people and buying arms illegally.

It was another form of prevailing dacoity in these regions.

Later they got support from religious radical groups, terrorists and criminals for mutual benefit against the state.

Politicians and police too started getting cut from the Naxalites.

With the communist parties at their support, they attracted students and faculty on the campuses of universities.

Earlier they shied away from urban areas but for the last about a decade or so, they have also moved in to urban habitats.

They are now well known as urban Naxalites.

It is these urban Naxalites who have engineered the present farmers agitation, exactly as was done in Naxalbari after the Chinese aggression of 1962 and split in the Communist Party of India, again because of China.

This time China has suffered defeat and humiliation in Ladakh at the hand of the present government headed by Narendra Modi, who has won the hearts of the people of India and global acclaim.

This defeat of China has proved to be too costly to her in business terms besides blasting the balloon of its military superiority posing threats to all neighbours.

Narendra Modi is instrumental in surrounding China in the South China Sea region where it was threatening so many countries. It won’t take too much liberty with its neighbours. It has only one friend now: Pakistan.     

For the Indian communists, it is difficult to swallow the Chinese humiliation at the hands of a strong India and its Prime Minister.

 The Congress Party has already entered in to an infamous MOU with China, signed by the great grand son of Jawaharlal Nehru.

The rest of the machinery in Chinese employ has been put in to operation to create civil strife in India when the militaries of the two nations are fighting a war at the borders.

India had lost 20 brave soldiers and officers of the army in the Galvan Valley, while China is reported to have lost about 140 soldiers.

It is for the first time that China has been forced to withdraw to a position existing before the start of the conflict.

It has made every Indian proud!

The farmers are proud for the victory brought by their children!

The communists can no more intimidate Indian people in the name of China as a Superpower.

For their survival, they need the prop of China, Mao, Marx, Lenin etc.

The comedy of errors is visible clearly.

The communists and their allies are taking the farmers movement back to Naxalbari in West Bengal.

Are the ideologues of the Naxalites ready to be led by men like Tikait or Rahul Gandhi and follow them?

The communists and allies are indulging in a deplorable unpatriotic act by inciting peaceful farmers to commit violence, as was done on 26th January at the Red Fort under a well-drawn programme and toolkit circulated to cadres to create mayhem nationally as well as internationally by organising protests outside Indian embassies. Their mean political agenda was to force police firing on the agitating farmers, which could create disturbances in the army, busy fighting China at the border. A large number of men and officers of the army come from farmer families.

The other clear goal is to harm the Indian industry. Attacks on mobile towers of Jio in Punjab testifies the charge beyond any doubt.

The worst is to kill prominent industrialists.

The rehearsal outside the residence of Mukesh Ambani of the Reliance Industries is yet another testimony of the filthy game.

The Prime Minister’s call for self-reliance means cutting imports from China, which had captured a large chunk of the Indian market.

 But for the PM’s call for self-reliance or atmanirbharata, India would have been importing masks and other kits for COVID-19 from China at a huge outflow of foreign exchange. But the encouragement the industry got from a clean and transparent prime minister has produced 2 Corona vaccines, serving the people of India and around 140 other countries.

The 3 farm laws would have strengthened the bonds of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the farmers, with whose support he would have easily got the third term in 2024.   

It would uproot the communists, socialists, congress, anarchists and scores of others claiming to be secularists or progressive or some such thing.

Creating distrust between the farmers and the prime minister is their sole aim.

They have so far failed.

Their agitation is failing by the day and Narendra Modi’s image is improving as a   farmer-friendly leader due to these farm laws, which are welcomed by the farmers in the country except the few agitators at Delhi borders. They have been asked by the local farmers to clear the borders and their villages within the next 48 Hours.    

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