World Oral Health Day

Even with great advancements in dental health space, there exists a huge gap between what is on offer and what is required.

First is the problem of availability of adequate number of qualified doctors for consultation. Wrong advice about dental or gum problems only aggravates the problem. Non-availability of satisfactory treatment for common dental and gum problems provides easy entry to quacks. The market is flooded with any number of “sure cure” for all troubles and any number of dental clinics can be located in posh as well as poor localities.

This seems to be caused by non-availability of painless treatment for common diseases and dental problems.

This branch of medical science demands greater investment in R&D globally than has hitherto been made, especially in comparison to branches like cardiology or opthalmology.

One of the most important reasons is that the stakeholders have failed to note the critical role of teeth and gums in the value chain of organs in human body for long healthy living. Decay of teeth and gums continues to be ignored till one is unable to breathe properly or drink even water, not to talk of chewing food or even holding it in the mouth. The market depends for its sales/profits growth on our mouth, produces for the consumers “mouth-watering eatables and drinks”, frozen foods and steaming hot fast foods or street food, hard beetle nuts or soft ice-creams, soft and hard drinks, tobacco products for chewing and beetle (paan in Hindi) and hundred other harmful things wrapped in alluring ads on television and other media making it a fashion.  

We know the expert advice available. What I need to emphasise is the production of effective treatment for common teeth and gum ailments such as some kind of a special toothpaste, injection or tablet.

A heart lost can always be replaced but the tooth gone is lost forever.

Our mouth is the treasure chest of billions gold coins in the Reserve Bank of India and each tooth is worth a billion because our total health depends on strong and healthy gums and teeth.

Our breath, speech, hearing, sight, food, digestion, hunger, facial features, personality, brain power, physical working auto system, emotional response mechanism, peace and happiness are affected by our mouth, which is dependent on our gums and the 32 soldiers and Generals of the Army guarding it from all kinds of infections entering the food canal through breath or food or drinks!

Brushing, scaling, filling etc. help but do not serve complete requirement for maintaining this Army of the 32 heroes.

Can medical science accept the challenge to develop a treatment and/or a preventive kit or dietary supplement for the health of the mouth and its precious army of 32 soldiers & generals?

This challenging job is for medical science, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yunani, Siddh, Tibetan and every available practice in health care.  

Ayurveda: Can you make a sure shot product like the famous  Chayavanprash for good health?

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