Incidence of varicose veins in India

Varicose veins afflict majority of Indians but is largely ignored, though complications develop later with bleeding veins or burst veins throwing a jet of blood necessitating immediate hospitalisation.

COVID-19 has further aggravated the health situation of patients suffering from varicose veins as their movement has been completely restricted to a small flat shared other family members.

The problem has not received the desired attention of the medical fraternity in the country.

Attempts to get data on the number of patients and medical facilities available or R&D to find relief treatment failed.

Two reasons for the condition are: excessive physical work and wrong kind of footwear.

Teachers, factory workers, farmers and many others spend hours  standing on farms, factory shop floors or class rooms etc.

Add long walks on foot as an exercise even when the feet ache due to wrong kind of footwear.

Other causes may be heredity & weight.

The medical terms used for the conditions are quite frightening as it includes spider veins and heart related issues.

It is time for the health authorities to pay due attention to the problem, collect data  and find proper treatment before this NCD (Non Communicable Disease) harms the majority of the people, who stand for hours in queues or public transport.

it is necessary to focus on footwear, which finds a special mention in the budget every year as a magnanimous concession to the majority of the users, pushed to opt for cheap shoes exempted from enhanced duties, below a certain price.

Just consider the footwear our farmers, policemen or people generally use- shoes, boots, sandals etc. and the pressure on the veins in the heels, ankles, legs and the medical condition in due course.

Varicose affliction is very high among 40 to 70 age group. We do not have exact figures but it would be more than 51% considering statistics of other countries.

It is painful.

It means loss of working hours. It means loss of income. Ultimately it is economic loss of the country.

It adversely affects the individual finances.

Can we hope to get with ease standard footwear which will not cause varicose veins?

Presently it comes from the cottage, micro, small, medium and large industry!

There exist all kinds of Business Boards & Development Councils. Can we commission a high level scientific study to report if the shoes/sandals manufactured/sold in India cause or contribute to the development of varicose veins?

The potential of this industry alone is worth a few trillions because of the huge domestic market and exports.

The farmers generally use shoes made of raw leather (rural requirement), others use sandals and cheap boots(urban use).

Will the Finance Ministers (central and state) spare a thought please?

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