A Prayer To Mother Nature

Happy Ram Navami

One thing we learn from the scriptures is about Maryada or limits to be observed for good living on planet Earth.

Human society has crossed all limits of dignity and decency in hurting Nature. We have forgotten to take a holistic view of ‘us in Nature’.

Now Nature has shown its displeasure in the form of COVID-19 pandemic.

Regrettably, human society has not yet begun to re-connect to Nature ethically and greed still drives it to achieve higher and higher economic growth.

It is time to pray to Nature for the welfare of mankind now.

Here is a poem from my collection titled “COVID-19 Stirrings” published December 2020 on Kindle-Amazon.

Musicians can set it to music and associate people globally to sing this prayer to propitiate Nature and secure relief from the punishing virus:-

A Prayer To Mother Nature

Glory to the Omnipresent Mother Nature!

Bestowing Her blessings on living beings

Glory to the Omnipotent Mother Nature!

Regulating life cycle of species breathing

Providing food, water, air, other comforts

Good health, protection from diseases if

Order of Nature is followed like everyone

Virus is food for other viruses unless men

Arrogantly choose to make it a weapon to

Destroy others, animals, plants, ecology

It’s undesirable to offend the Kind Mother

Her wrath can demolish human flippancy

Traumatise humanity, so take the lesson

Pray Omniscient Mother Nature resumes

Her kind motherly gracious manifestation

Grant humanity a happy and healthy life!

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