Twitter etc. Must Also Learn

Twitter and its ilk must remember one thing very clearly that they are no paragon of wisdom. Indeed they are merely businesses. Businesses can’t remain neutral if they visualise huge profits in short time.

Twitter is no practitioner of civility.

In the name of freedom of speech, expression, thought or business practice it violates civility generally and laws of nations particularly, harming the people with jets of uncivil accusations at others excepting itself.

If Twitter etc. were practicing genuine freedom of speech, they would have gladly accepted the obligation of respecting the freedom of speech of others- civil society or the government, but they act belligerent, defiant, flippant, moralising, churlish, partisan, motivated, political, hate-mongers and foul.

It does not matter if they do it directly or in a sophisticated manner by using their “users”.

Their sole goal is to sell and make profit, influencing people’s minds, manipulating freedom of one against the other- a sly game politicians play habitually.

Twitter is born to a civilization that can’t claim even 300 years of practice by humanity.

It belongs to an age of technology.

It belongs to an age which has acted so irresponsibly in these 200 years that it has inflicted on mankind WW-I and WW-II and Cold War and now COVID-19.

Twitter etc. are rigging public opinion, manipulating views and influencing elections immorally in a world that cares the least for morals.

And yet, Twitter etc. have the cheek to deliver regular doses of sermons to India!

Here is something for them to learn from India.

We, in India, have so much respect for each individual’s opinion that it had been acknowledged by our ancient wisemen & women and shown utmost respect as well as value.

It means the opinion of the Twitter etc. is as important and valuable as my or your opinion.

They had gone one step further and acknowledged with the same respect the wisdom of the language of each speaker.

It means every individual has the fundamental human right to have his or her personal opinion on any subject and he/she can express it in the language of choice.

There is no compulsion of words, expressions or language of a particular kind.

Do Twitter etc. understand and appreciate it?

Would they care to study the subject further?
Or will they simply reject such information from a Third World (?) country?

These platforms have all the means to collect necessary data on billions of languages in use in the world by 7.3 billion people.

The language of a Twitter or others like it is just one of these billions of languages.

Similarly, these 7.3 billion people have personal opinion of their own unlike Twitter etc. which think that they alone have the right to decide what opinion or whose opinion is valid and whose invalid.

If Twitter were in existence in Rome when Galileo made public his discovery that the Earth moved round the Sun proving the Bible version of the Sun moving round the Earth wrong, it would have let loose the fury of hell against him!

Opinions challenge the status quo and bring in revolutionary changes for the benefit of mankind.

That is how the Indian ancient wise scholar scientists used the mathematical models to arrive at the revolutionary conclusion that every individual has and is, thus, entitled to personal opinion and language to express and convey it. Is there anything more to Freedom of Speech & Expression in the world than it?

Twitter may not agree with it but it is the Truth.

I am not quoting the entire text on the subject for brevity, but here is a small piece containing this wisdom: “Mande mande matirbhinna, tunde tunde Saraswati” (Sanskrit).

Merely having an opinion or expressing it freely may not be of any use or benefit to the individual. On occasions, at places, in the company of others or at inappropriate times, expressing an opinion might prove rather costly or hurt the listener or others.

It is a matter of complete individual freedom that goes much beyond the vision and/or mission Twitter or other Social Media Platform (pushed as free  but in reality extremely costly that the user will not understand unless well versed in modern technology and big data & analytics) would ever understand and appreciate.

Who, then, should determine the contours of this freedom of opinion and expression?

The Law? Mentors? Parents?

Practically, they can’t support the individual through out a whole life span and every situation 24×7.

The ancient scholar scientists have left some clues to guide an individual in life, so that he/she can enjoy fruitfully the freedom of opinion and expression.

That science alone is useful for mankind which is made simple to understand, assimilate and follow.

It has been said as follows: Never speak untruth, be truthful while speaking, Truth alone prevails, therefore always respect the Truth (asatyam naa bruyate, satyam bruyate, satyamev jayate, satyam pratishthite)(Sanskrit). Isn’t it simple to understand and follow?

It makes you your own guide. It leaves it to the free mind of the opinion holder to speak it as s/he thinks fit in the circumstances considering time, place, occasion and people to speak  or not to speak or the language to express herself/himself.

The individual controls his mind and language, not any business platform like Twitter or any other of the ilk.

The individual is his/her best policeman, judge and sovereign.

“To do or not to do, that is the question” for each Prince Hamlet to decide for himself/herself.

These are the words of the Bard written centuries ago but as fresh as written just now.

They are applicable to the individual Twitter etc. user as also the platforms like Twitter equally.

Twitter is not eligible to lay down the Dos & Don’ts.

It has to be done by the law in a secular democracy.

It has to be the conscious choice of the individual, a well-informed, coolly taken, thoroughly considered choice of the person.

Twitter & others can’t pose a threat to the sovereignty of any nation.

Social Media free platforms like Twitter etc. can’t pose a threat to mankind.

The atrocities and onslaughts of a Twitter type handle can’t be suffered silently by the huge silent civil society and allowed to collect profits out of the frailties of human beings.

Untruth and Truth exist at the same time in human society.

There are negative emotions, anger, biases, jealousy, hatred, enmity, rivalry etc. which easily provoke a person to be aggressive, violent or rude in writing, especially on a medium like the Twitter etc.

It assumes the shape of a guerrilla war, shoot & scoot and turns to cyber terrorism where victims are harassed to such an extent that even suicides have been reported.

Such platforms have made it in to a high profit business.

They quietly catalyse negativity through war of words.

The anonymity of the warriors in the cyber world promotes a free for all with no holds barred and all that is vulgar, obnoxious, toxic, acerbic, malicious, vile or evil flows freely on these free platforms.

Had these users the opportunity to exchange their views in person, they would have exercised caution, restraint and mutual respect leading to a fruitful dialogue or discussion.

Contrary to it, Twitter kind platforms  cause mental conditions to the average young person not mature enough giving her/him stress. Such stress can be fatal as it might end up in depression, even stroke. Human mind has limited capacity to consume stress, just like the lungs which have limit to absorb smoke or pollution.

The amount of negativity consumed by the users of Twitter etc. type platforms is excessive and, thus, dangerous to the well being and mental health of its users.

It develops addiction and the user is hooked to it 24×7 affecting normal life e.g. work, play, sleep or eating.

Time for Twitter etc. to learn a few things from other civilizations of the world guiding human consciousness for the self-less service to entire humanity, unlike their model of serving a narrow field of chosen affinities.

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