Security Check Against Biological Attack In Parliament?

In spite of strict security checks in parliament, there are no means to foil highly advanced forms of biological attack on the head of the government, presiding officer of the house or any other targeted prominent member of the house on either side.

If a target could be killed at an airport waiting to board a plane by a woman passenger by rubbing a poison on his cheeks, the same method or even an improved version can be used to achieve the goal by any means by innocuously touching the person of the target such as touching the feet as a mark of respect as in India.

As the terrorist organizations refine their methods, logistics and weapons to strike, there is an urgent need to invent and employ bio-weapon detection equipment and tools at the entry point and at more than one points before the terrorist reaches the target. The terrorists are highly motivated trained armed personnel. They are skilled actors and can assume any shape or form.

Every human virtue is weakness for them. They survive on violating norms. Charm offensive has been a traditional weapon of strike but comes in an improved modern form of a writer, poetess, film actor, politician, member of parliament or other elected bodies.

It empowers the terrorists greatly without alerting the security establishment, facilitating easy access to the target approaching for redressal of public grievances or seeking humanitarian help for COVId-19 affected orphans and the like.

Anthrax is reported to be deadly poison but there are as many variants as COVID-19 alpha, beta, gamma, delta etc.

As the COVID-19 virus struck suddenly and ferociously country after country infecting and killing millions in just a few weeks, so will the bio-terrorists do in all probability.

If timely measures are not taken to detect and neutralise such lone wolf terrorists, the very survival of nations may be threatened.

Democracy, civilization and peoples are at great risk.

Any human tragedy can be converted by the bio-terrorists in to an opportunity. Children orphaned by the Corona can avowedly be presented to the president or the prime minister to draw government attention to their plight. No person with any human sensibility would suspect anything wrong in such a gesture. But hold on, there actually lies the hidden threat to the security of the top guns. The innocent children might be used as carriers of deadly virus or poison to kill the high dignitary.

The hand that blesses an innocent child may turn out to be a fatal mistake because the savagery of the terrorists is ignored for that fatal moment.

The barbarity of these inhuman elements should be measured by the yardstick that they choose to employ biological weapons to strike over conventional ones like a gun or knife.

Serving food or drinks laced with poison or viruses too is possible. The

fact is that the terrorists’ brains are hard-wired during training and they are unable to think normally or feel like a normal human being.

Bio-terrorism may compel peoples to rewrite the law.

Containing terrorism with normal laws has failed in the last 2 decades, and humanity has paid very heavy price for dealing with them with ordinary laws of decent modern civilized world where equality, justice, human rights constitute fundamental values.

For the terrorists, these are weaknesses of the modern world.

If that is the case, bio-terrorism would call for stiffer laws to deal swiftly with the perpetrators, including governments that develop bio weapons or train bio-terrorists and unleash them against innocent citizens of our wonderful Earth- the only planet in our solar system known to us so far.


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