The Ukhaado Syndrome

Professional rivalry leads to a variety of mania and craziness. Cold wars turn to dangerous hot wars too occasionally.

In bureaucracy, the musical chairs game is played with such finesse that the affected person realizes only very late how the tons of bricks fell on him or who strategised it. Colleagues are replaced smoothly from positions of power and marginalised successfully, especially when the competition is for the top slot. Such manoeuvring affects the careers of the bureaucrats but more the policies of a nation and functioning of a government. Governments are the biggest corporation anywhere in the world and their policies and working (or failure) can have global impact too. There is a prescribed system of postings and transfers of bureaucrats from one position to another but the ambitious men and women practice tactics to uproot them. This uprooting is called Ukhaado in Hindi and well understood through India.

A bureaucrat is expected to work according to the law of the land in public interest. S/he must maintain absolute integrity all the time. S/he must be honest, sincere and fearless in implementing the policies and programs of the government. But this is text book portrayal of a bureaucrat!

We now consider the elected representatives of the people. They are called politicians. Politicians are not bound by the conduct rules applicable to the bureaucrats. Even then, politicians too are expected to remain honest. But can anybody honestly say that it is possible for any politician to remain honest and work as a political party worker and elected MP/MLA etc at the same time? The Bard’s famous line in Hamlet comes to mind: if thou are honest thou are not beautiful, if thou are beautiful thou are not honest. A political party has a following of billions and an MP/MLA etc of millions. His/her constituents need help in civil, tax, police, employment, posting, transfer, court case or many such problems of day to day. The honest bureaucrat functions according to the law but that does not serve the requirements of the politician, member parliament or legislature and the minister/s. There is, thus, a conflict built in the system which requires the bureaucrat to be 100% clean but operates “pragmatically” for the politician. No bureaucrat with a chip of an honest public servant on his/her shoulder can remain in a position of power for many days. The political party workers, politician and the minister will devise schemes to Ukhaado the guy as soon as possible without inviting adverse press attention. They would manipulate the press skilfully and demands to ukhaado the honest fellow will be mounted, painting him/her as obstinate and a hindrance in public service. They can even taint the image of the honest public servant as a corrupt officer. There are many levers in the hands of the politician to harass such an officer, even to the extent of harming his/her career, security including children and family. The bureaucrat has no means of fighting such enormous organised crime against a clean and transparent public servant as by law mandated. This practice in India prevailed in the states, where transfers acquired the tag of an “industry” for posts of police personnel, doctors, teachers  etc. which came to be auctioned in an unlawful manner. This disease began to affect the Government of India after the year 1984 and reached its pinnacle during the period 2004-2014. It has been stopped completely since 2014, but may be changed in future if the political parties engaged on ukhaado operation succeed. Fortunately for the people of India, their dreams may not be realised even in 2024. They were hoping to regain power in election 2019, but were frustrated deeply. Overwhelmed by gloom, they have upgraded the bureaucracy’s Ukhaado syndrome to a higher level to employ it to  target the government and its leader. Now the call is to Ukhaado the Government of India.

They can’t auction the ministerial posts any more as was the case during 2004-2014. They can’t make money by interfering with the postings/promotions/transfers of bureaucrats anymore. Different tactics now are in operation. Vilification of the government and its leader is a daily routine. The language is vinegarish every time. Facts are forgotten and fiction is touted liberally without any compunction.  Defence forces are ridiculed. Government’s efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic are mocked and belittled. Charges of corruption in purchase of fighter jets from France are drummed up right up to the Supreme Court of India only to lick the dust. Political fight is abandoned to create chaos on streets. Toolkits have been prepared to incite civil strife, mayhem, murders and riots. The chaos perpetrated at the Red Fort on 26th January 2021, the day India celebrates the Republic Day, exposed the nefarious designs. Ignored so far and punished severely by the voters twice, the Ukhaado conspirators misguided the farmers to launch an agitation. No sensible person has so far brought out any flaw in the legislation which they are opposing. But the wimpish enemies of India are hiding their faces behind one or a few persons, who are pensioner constables or soldiers or middlemen in farm produce marketing. The real faces of other leaders, were they to appear frequently before TV cameras would give away the game of the Ukhaado brigade of the defeated gangs at the hustings in 2019. They now want to undo the popular mandate and want to uproot the lawful government. The plans include harming the leader of the ruling party and head of the government. The plot was exposed by a group of hired rural women who raised slogans against the head of the government saying you die, you die. The next step the enemies of the nation and the people of India might be planning is to assassinate the head of the government. In this dangerous game, they have the support of the Pakistan government & Army, ISI of Pakistan, terrorist organisations, China and countries harbouring anti-India elements. Trade, business as well as foreign policy considerations play a decisive and critical role in executing the Ukaado Olympiad.

It was a common practice during the cold war.

The Covid-19 and its later versions of biological weapons, the threat they pose to mankind and weakening of the UNO as an institution to secure global peace and well being will encourage the Ukhaado operations globally in a more sophisticated manner, aided by the latest technology and expansionists designs of China and others. The world will witness major Ukhaado campaigns in democratic countries like India if they make economic, scientific and military progress threatening the superpowers.


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