India Made The First COVID-19 Vaccines

India became the first COVID-19 vaccine developer/producer in the world. It shared the vaccine with 140 countries during the first wave of the pandemic. Its COVAXIN and COVISHIELD proved immensely successful and has helped the country vaccinate 344.5 million people as per data put out at 0800 Hrs on July 3, 2021.

The vaccination drive is in full swing and it is expected to cover the entire population of 18 years and above age group by December 2021.

India might bring to the table soon a third vaccine also.

The WHO has yet to issue its approval to the two vaccines. The European Union was blocking it, but a bit of diplomatic effort has succeeded in making many of the countries in the EU to accept it.

Success of one person, leader, economy, scientist, actor, poet, novelist, author, critic, thinker, philosopher or a nation is legitimately a matter of happiness for them even if it causes unhappiness to others.

The unhappy resort to attack, aggression, maligning, vilification, rumour, defamation, slander, denigration, slur, abuse and even call for  elimination of their target of hate or destroy the reputation of the individual or the nation.

They are in possession of powerful weapons in their artillery, which they keep firing regularly. Information is power, but disinformation is   nuclear bombardment.

The cruel joke is that they live in a community of their trade. They  manipulate the gullible wherever and whenever they find the opportunity.

This is an old trade in every civilization. If you are for justice, they are for injustice. If you are for human rights, they are for violation of human rights. If you are for nationalism, they are for anti-nationalism. If you are for patriotism, they are for unpatriotism. Their religion is sacred to them but  others are pagans. They fight constant intra-faith wars but demand of others to subscribe only to what they call inter-faith values. They don’t like being questioned even once on values but accuse others of intolerance. They only preach but refuse to learn. If you pursue your faith, they call you fundamentalist. If you demand equal respect for every faith, they pronounce you non-secular. If you treat your own religion as sacred and still give equal respect to other religions, you are  called muscular.

Hate is their business. Their sole objective is to make money and wield power unlawfully by felling a valuable target such as a President or Prime Minister or Scientist or a businessman.

They write impressive articles, which they publish in their newspapers, journals, magazines , blogs etc. Words are missiles for them which they fire converting these in to weapons. They use for the same purpose their Group TV Channels too with great alacrity. They hit the target so hard that it takes it time to recover its senses. They commission authors to assassinate the reputation of their target as sophisticatedly as they employ an assassin to eliminate it.

Those who refuse to stomach their stories, earn their enmity easily. All their legitimate rights are denied. Their chances of growth and improvement are blocked permanently. They are called by various derogatory terms as lackeys etc. Reporters are dismissed and editors fired without compensation. For other categories pink slips are a norm.  After all they run newspapers and TV channels, produce and sell news, disseminate information. They are employers. They give jobs or take them away. They are known for unfair employment practices. For them, information is power. They wield it ruthlessly.

They are really skilled master craftsmen of the art of news production,  packaging and marketing. They can give it any shape, just like the eye-catching creations of the artisan working with molten glass. Those who succeed in separating the noise from the information alone can see the real news and discard the adulteration optionally, though the exercise can be extremely laborious.

Adjectives they use to contain the spread of influence of each other on the gullible audiences becomes clear in their liberal use of fake, paid, motivated or embedded news for others but the readers/viewers are subjected to multi-pronged torture 24×7 in print and digital formats.

You can’t use your mobile phone or laptop without their unauthorised intrusion in your privacy.

For them it is their right to do whatever they want to promote their business and those who don’t want it are not special invitees.

But can you breathe freely if the air is highly polluted? Can you survive the onslaught of the community of journalists and editors running MNCs for just selling news?

It is big business. And big business compels the businessmen to take care of their own security, whatever it might mean, and run the entity profitably. Profits don’t flow without efforts. Sales have to rise. Love does not sell as much as hate in the news industry.

They are so smug that they refuse to admit their mistakes or limitations. Civility demands fairness and good conduct. But power can’t afford to be civil all the time in running its business.

Because of the compromise made by the news industry with their own intellectual integrity, democracy everywhere in the world is under threat of survival.

This pandemic is more disastrous than even COVID-19.

Science, scientific discovery, scientific invention are nothing for them unless it is to their liking.

They belittle the scientific achievements of others only to glorify their own petty successes.

Because they had failed to produce the first CORONA vaccine in the world, they are on their usual hate campaign against the achievements of Indian scientists and leadership.

The COVAXIN, produced by the Indian scientists at the Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech is 77.8% effective against the coronavirus as reported by the company on 2nd July 2021 after the results of the third clinical trials were made public. It is effective against the Delta variants.

I have taken both the doses of this vaccine. I had suffered no side effects nor any case of adverse side effects has so far been reported.

India might bring to the table soon a third vaccine also.

The WHO has yet to give its approval to the two vaccines. The European Union was blocking it, but a bit of diplomatic effort has succeeded in making many of the countries in the EU to accept it.

The achievements of India should have been lauded openly. Instead, a prominent international newspaper has published an advertisement for correspondents who can write stories against India and its leadership.

It is a sign of their deplorable decadence caused by deep depression, after having failed to achieve their nasty goal through their agents in India, cultivated on lucrative payment for such assignments since 1947.

Indians born in the 21st Century are different and these news industry barons are unable to engage them on anti-India assignments. In fact, most of them are intellectually superior to many news industry tycoons of editors and journalists. That explains the sudden paroxysm of the newspaper against India (known for its notoriety globally, there is no need to even mention its name).

Such journalists and editors had done great harm to their nations, people and the world in the past 100 years, throwing the human community in to 2 horrible world wars followed by the Cold War and then many other unproductive wars, humiliating their nations and inviting severe punishment to their heads of government.

The moulding of news to any shape of their imagination is responsible for such large scale devastation and poverty, disease and squalor, economic depressions and negativity affecting every single norm of decency, culture and humanity.

What they plan to do with  correspondents, journalists, writers, editors, TV anchors whose only qualification is anti-India bias, attitude, mind-set, agenda, language is anybody’s guess.

But one mission is very clear: they propose to run a sustained hate campaign against India.

They will lick dust.

They will be defeated.

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