Learn From History

A nation must learn from history valuable lessons which nobody can teach. History is not an account of kings or rulers but political trends  and events causing social upheaval and economic development or decline. India has limited study of history to patches constructed in the most partisan manner. It is fake, unless complete account of both happy and unhappy events and trends is included in a fair and just manner with no bias towards anybody.

India must promote a comprehensive study of history, with emphasis on current history covering the last 200 years. Special focus has to be on history of post-independence period, pre-independence period divided in sections on every decade of the twentieth century culminating in the tragedy of partition in 1947. If done honestly, it will throw up results sanitising history of misconstruction of developments of the period, which unfortunately has been sold by irresponsible historians as history, though none of them really was qualified as a “historian” in the true sense of the idea.

Any study of Indian history would remain inconclusive without simultaneously studying geography and historical-geography, anthropology, cultural islands self-reliant and complementary to neighbouring islands making collectively a nation called Bharatvarsh.

Then comes another significant part of history: the world history. Study of European history is essential. So is the study of rest of the world between Europe and Bharatvarsh. Finally, America, Canada and Russia need to be studied.

Currently, our history-challenged politicians keep creating unnecessary chaos by picking up some word like Fascist or Nazi without understanding the idea of fascism and its history from birth to growth and decline or Nazism similarly.

That explains the lack of understanding the developments in Afghanistan, the history of turbulence there, the influence or pressures from neighbours and the region, the influence of developments globally, the source of strength the resistance of the Taliban draws upon, the games super-powers have been playing in the country or the impact of fast changing geo-political scenario affecting developing countries since WW-I and particularly the WW-II, the Cold War and post-cold war  situation. Similarly, the reasons why and how the Taliban using technology have succeeded in depriving the masses of such instruments of empowerment and growth.

What do the developments in Afghanistan mean for the world? The USA created the situation by holding direct talks with the Taliban over the head of the legitimate government and compounding its mistake by making the statement that the Afghani people have to look after themselves. Who does not know the people of a country have to look after themselves? Do the people of other countries routinely look to America for help or does the USA come forward voluntarily to the help of suffering people in other countries? The reality is that it interferes in other countries, fuelling instability and turbulence, only to fish in the troubled waters. If it does, it pursues its own interests only and no charity to other countries. America should not have entered Afghanistan in the first place and if it had landed there it should have got out intelligently. It has created only a serious threat to world peace. It has accepted terrorism as a legitimate instrument of state policy. And that is horrible. It will not shield America. Rather, the threat to America will grow. Terrorists don’t take other countries seriously. Their target has always been America. And they have won the battle and America has been defeated woefully.

Pakistan stands to gain enormously. It shall continue to be the world’ terrorist factory. It has so far benefited from engineering insecurity in democratic nations. Now it has the affection and care of China to support its policies and games.

China will try to derive benefit from the defeat of America in Afghanistan. It will have a free hand in Balochistan and Afghanistan, where it will capture territories and rich minerals. It will pose a threat to Russia by containing Russian influence in the region.

Wide spread regional and global changes are bound to occur as a consequence.

One, it is a proof that the idea of the United Nations is practically dead now. Matters stand decided through armed conflicts and world history will undergo change.

Two, the international trade will suffer and shall need to be reset to meet the collective challenge of Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and terrorist organisations like the ISIS, Al Qaeda etc.

Three, and this is the most important, the world will be compelled to acknowledge the real source of the threat to world peace: Islam, Shariya and its interpretation or misinterpretation by the Mullahs.

Four, chances of intra-Muslim countries conflicts are bound to grow and come in the open. Iran can’t be isolated nor can the Shia sections of Muslims be subjected to violence by the Sunni sections, nor women can be subjected any longer savagely in the Taliban style.

Five, the enlightened sections of the Muslims world over will have to come forward and speak out their minds openly against the barbarity in the name of Islam. They are a very big and powerful population of more than 50 million men and women, who are highly educated, professionals from all field of knowledge and rich enough to stand up to any organised violence against the helpless women and children.

The next decade will be a test of the strength of democracy and all the values vouched so far for a healthy democracy in the interests of humanity. Terrorists shook America on 9/11 as the most powerful nation was caught unawares by a clutch of terrorists. The myth of invincibility of the world’s top military power was demolished in a few minutes as the news of the damage started coming. But it was not the death of thousands of innocents or demolition of the trade towers alone but it ruined the American economy, imposed a very heavy cost on homeland security, pushed America to a meaningless war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pakistan made a fool of America, robbed billions of Dollars in ransom promising to help America catch Osama Bin Laden while keeping him in safe custody in its Army Cantonment in Abbottabad.

The events since 9/11 affected most countries as the world economy, trade and security suffered. The Afghanistan developments will affect America and the rest of the world even worse for decades. All the values of democracy will get redefined before terrorists trample upon nations in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand. With help from China, they will come to possess nuclear and biological weapons. That is a real threat and no imaginary conclusion. The good realize the evil acts only after a 9/11 happens!


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