America – Taliban Bonhomie

Investigative journalists are trying to find out the details of the secret deal between America and the Taliban that facilitated smooth entry to the airport on 28th through 30th August of the Americans for evacuation. The Taliban had reportedly made a secret Gate for entry of such evacuees.

There was no incident of violence or attack on the American aircrafts on 30th August by the Taliban forces. The Americans were allowed to fly away to their destinations in the darkness at midnight.

Press corps are pursuing the matter. The mystery will unravel soon.

But such understanding leaves questions to be answered. Was the deal brokered by Pakistan? If the answer is in the affirmative, it bodes ill for world peace and security.

That helps terrorism survive and gather steam.

There is no Police Man Of The World today to challenge them.  America was performing that role so far. Will a new policeman emerge? If that responsibility is taken over by some other country or group of countries, the course of history for the next hundred years will be changed. The war mongering temperament of nations for the last hundred years since WW-I till date might change for good. Human history may enter a pleasant new phase of peace, cooperation and prosperity.

Its absence means terrorism shall be used as an instrument of state policy even by the super powers.

Even the NATO countries might adopt a soft approach to it and ignore “minor” incidents of terrorist strikes. The language rich nations adopt for dealing with security threats for other countries provides them enough leeway to call even another 9/11 as a local incident caused by colour, race or nationality.

This bonhomie is certainly no gain for either America or Taliban. It could not take place without Pakistan brokering the deal. It would mean Pakistan will enjoy an advantage in the region to promote terrorism and use it as an instrument of state policy in complete disregard of UN resolution and public opinion globally. It is a direct threat to peace and stability in the region. With China and Turkey joining Pakistan and Taliban, the cauldron will be kept boiling for long. That is an unwelcome outcome of the Afghan war.

Pakistan will continue to get huge financial “aid” from America and NATO countries. It will get some loan from China also. It will fan armed conflict in the region to promote sale of weapons to help its partners in the Afghan war. It is surprising to note that one Osama Bin Laden could create so much business for all stakeholders and financial gains to Pakistan. The gains are likely to get multiplied through secret deals between the stakeholders.

Will history play a decisive role in deciding the next course of human objectives in the region?


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