Taliban Must Exonerate Itself

Taliban Can Exonerate itself of the tag of terrorism now by adopting full democracy instead of an emirate and secularism. The innocent Taliban schooled in Madarsa have taken Islam too literally. Isn’t Pakistan an Islamic country? Does it practice Sharia 100%? But Pakistan  instigates Muslims in Afghanistan to do so. Pakistan uses even Sharia for its unholy expansionist plan.

Pakistan’s army raped millions of women in East Pakistan, who were Muslims, in 1971. Was that Islamic? Did the Sharia sanction such mass rape of Muslim women by any Muslim army? Does the Sharia allow it today or condemn it unreservedly?

Is Pakistan a trustworthy friend? Pakistan ditched its 70 year old friend America by trapping it for 20 years in the Afghan war, which brought untold devastation to the people of Afghanistan.

Pakistan only helped itself by getting bounteous financial aid from America in the name of fighting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. In reality it provided a sanctuary to the terrorist outfit in Pakistan. The hunt for Osama Bin Laden for several years costing America a few billion Dollars (a big chunk going in to Pakistan army chest) ended in the Cantonment in Abbottabad in Pakistan, where Laden was luxuriously living for years with his big family.  And Pakistan went on fooling America joining the American Forces searching for Osama Bin Laden in the hills of Tora Bora in Afghanistan!  Can the Taliban trust Pakistan in this background?

Had Pakistan not succeeded in stealing the powers of a government in Afghanistan from the Afghan people under the garb of fighting terrorism in collaboration with the USA and NATO, one can imagine the level of development and economic prosperity of the people of Afghanistan in those 20 terrifying years, wasted for a sly, conniving and untrustworthy friend. Should the Taliban allow Pakistan to control its government and mortgage the future of the Afghan people?   

The Pakistan Air Force had bombarded Afghanistan on 6th August in Panjshir and other places as if it forms a part of its territory or is its colony.

Unauthorised operation of the Pakistan air force in Afghanistan against the Afghan people is a serious violation of the sovereignty of Afghanistan and international law and deserves to be punished demonstrably. 

But it seems that Pakistan has already crippled the spirit and resolve of the Taliban to gain freedom from the occupation forces to establish an independent nation and government. Why else would they tolerate such unlawful  activities of Pakistan and compromise their sovereignty? It is a sign that Pakistan feels that Afghanistan falls under its suzerainty.

Pakistan army is killing innocent Afghan civilians wantonly, whipping women publicly only to portray the Taliban as brutal, savage or medieval tribes. Should the Taliban not jettison this image now? Pakistan is now acting inimical towards the Afghan people and it is   Godsend to cast off the mantle of terrorists and regain the original image of the Afghanis being one among the best human beings in the region.

Read the short story titled “Kabuliwallah” by the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore to know that image and recognise the true identity of an Afghan.

See the Hindi films where the Pathan is always depicted as a brave human being and a true Muslim honest to his faith without harming anybody but prepared to die for the honour and life of any unknown suffering human being in the society with equal respect for men and women.

Should the Taliban allow Pakistan to ruin that image and publicise the image of the wild Afghan as the terrorist whipping cruelly a poor woman on the street covered in a Burqa from head to toe?

This conspiracy of Pakistan needs to be exposed. It has to fail if the Afghans have to enjoy the respect of the world community.

Pakistan has succeeded in creating an image just the opposite of the Afghans as cruel and barbaric. The Taliban have to ponder.

To cause trouble in Afghanistan on a regular basis to bleed the Taliban unceasingly, Pakistan will make the different groups fight regular battles as has been happening between the Khurasan group and Taliban or Haqqani group and Taliban.

Pakistan has more than a dozen terrorist groups at its disposal which are ready to carry out terrorist attacks in any country, trained by its regular army personnel. They operate under fancy names resembling the command of the Holy Quran. They fight each other to establish superiority. It serves Pakistan’s interests to rule stealthily by keeping  them divided to fight their internecine feuds and battles. Many of them are suicide bombers, lone wolf as also group. They are experienced in carrying out serial blasts.

India understands their modus operandi, financiers and protectors as the Pakistan Army and ISI. The Pakistan government survives on the mercy of the Army, which has executed one Prime Minister , Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and assassinated another prime minister Benazir Bhutto. They have never been able to control the army even though they had tried to hold elections, but under the army’s supervision. The Pakistan army holds court in most matters and had in the past arrested even the chief justice/justices of the Supreme Court. This is the model of government they want to impose on the Afghan people. But the protests against Pakistan in Kabul have frightened them as they had never expected men and women coming on the streets with banners and placards shouting Pakistan Murdabad or Death to Pakistan. Visual are playing for days now.

Pakistan had used the terrorists against India for more than 40 years for the low cost guerrilla war. When these terrorists got killed, Pakistan refused to take back their corpses and insulted them by calling them non-state persons/ non-Pakistani. When they are unleashed on the Taliban, they will act most barbarous, shaming the barbarians of the medieval times, and transferring the liability of such inhuman actions on to the Taliban.

Pakistan will never change, if the Taliban are thinking of Pakistan improving someday. In Kashmir it has failed forever. In Afghanistan it will keep making trouble. It should not be taken as a friend anymore by the Taliban. Pakistan will ever be unreliable, unfaithful, untrustworthy, conniving, scheming, deceitful, sly, wily, crafty and a threat to an independent sovereign Afghanistan whether under the government of Taliban or another inclusive democratic government.

Such a situation will keep terrorism alive in the world and peace will always elude the human community.

Pakistan is highly skilled in milking crime for money and even the reputed international mafia can learn a few things from it. Its treasury will always be filled with Dollars coming as aid (ransom in reality) from the western countries, Muslim countries and China. It would be sad if the Taliban refuse to see the light of the day now.

It is competition time; the competition this time is not between the Salibi and Kabili but knowledge workers and nations. In this respect Pakistan enjoys great advantage over the Taliban and would never allow it to come anywhere near it.

If the Taliban miss this opportunity to unravel the mysteries of Pakistan and its designs on Afghanistan now, they will end up getting caught in a web of more than one country exploiting their country and people. They might suffer from the delusion of a victory against the superpower of the world, but that was a fight against one country which was portrayed as a foreign country and an aggressor in illegal occupation of Afghanistan, which was enough to arouse patriotism, nationalism and the purpose to fight them and free the country of the invader America. This time it will be more than one country. And they will not come physically to administer Afghanistan. It will be a combination of Dollars and technology. Pakistan will only be too willing to facilitate the operation for Dollars. America and other Western countries will contribute technologically. China is desperate to empty its coffers in the name of BRI (Bridges and Roads Initiative). It would like the whole cake of a weakened Afghanistan to itself, pushing the rest to play their war games in some new territory such as Africa or middle east.

Pakistan would not like the next world war to happen in this region. If it happens more than Afghanistan, Pakistan will suffer. In fact, it might even be obliterated from the world map.

So, it would like Afghanistan to turn in to another Syria. That meets all its goals: military, civil and religious.

Unless the Taliban understand these complex issues objectively, Afghanistan alone will suffer. It is a genuine Do or Die option before the Taliban as they are standing at the turning point in history to decide the future of Afghanistan. If Taliban exit, Afghanistan survives but if Afghanistan is destroyed Taliban don’t survive.

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