Turmoil or Peace In Afghanistan?

What is the fate of Afghanistan post august 14, 2021?

What is the choice of the people of Afghanistan?

What is the choice of the Taliban  for their country and people: peace or never ending turmoil?

The choice has to be made by the people of Afghanistan. Political observers closely watching developments in the region for the last six decades would say without hesitation that except for democracy and secularism Afghanistan, like similarly placed other countries, has no better choice.

Democracy alone can bring the kind of freedom to it which it has been fighting for more than 20 years.

Terrorism is no religion. It is misconstruction on religious texts by vested interests who have grown to rule the faithful across religions. They exercise power over the believers. They interpret every tenet of the Holy Book to their interest and benefit. They are stinking rich, helped by batteries of musclemen who can eliminate even a slight hint of disobedience, defiance or challenge.

They act like dreaded monarchs without any moral or divine right. They deprive the innocent believers of every asset, endowment and right to lead a reasonably good life.

Unless people suffer hunger or disease and exist in pain, religion can’t sell.

Such is the game religious leaders have played across cultures so far. The Taliban and their leaders are no exception.

That explains poverty in countries which have remained chained to  religious leaders.

Societies which rebelled against their religious leaders compelled them to restrict their activities to performing religious rituals only exiting civil, military and justice domains. They have progressed enormously. They have established lead over those chained to medieval religious practices.

It is now for the Taliban to decide where they want to go: lockstep with the progressive forces or the regressive junta of the mighty unelected leaders with no accountability to the people.

Afghanistan already has a constitution. It can be enriched with required amendments to meet the challenges of modern society. People’s rights and duties can be laid down in black and white leaving no scope for misconstruction on the text, entrusting the Constitutional Courts alone with the responsibility to interpret the law.

Afghanistan has great potential to develop on its own in to a powerful nation and strong economy. The Bora Bora hills, which were discredited by the al Qaeda, can invite world tourists to generate high revenue in less than a year. This is merely one illustration but the Afghans are traditionally known to be successful exporters of goods.  The world would welcome a developing Afghanistan if it adopts constitutional democracy.

Afghanistan ought not be seen as a proxy of Pakistan. It has to establish itself as a free, sovereign and progressive nation. The twenty years of fighting an “enemy” should not end in Pakistan ruling Afghanistan directly or indirectly.

It has scored a point already today. It was earlier reported that the interim government would be sworn in on the 9/11 anniversary, which fell today. It would have meant Taliban acknowledgement of being a terrorist organisation which was responsible for the crime of 9/11 attack on the world trade towers and pentagon by its hijackers of the American civilian planes. Even the US has not reached any such conclusion with certainty till date. Such acts require the association and military skills of a regular army, which the Taliban never had. What they had was such assets of its primary investor in military software and financial hardware, who was two timing: skimming Dollars from America and terrorists from al Qaeda and its associated terrorist organisations filled with hatred for countries like America for nothing more than religious hatred expressed as Jihad. It goes to the sagacity of the Taliban that they refrained from walking in to the trap laid by that “investor” by linking the swearing in ceremony with the 9/11 anniversary, which could have got bad publicity to the Taliban and immeasurable amount for hatred of all right thinking human beings around the world. They acted right by postponing the swearing in ceremony to another day. If the Taliban take their decisions after due deliberations, they can find the comity of civilised nations warming up to them in no time.

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