Interim Afghan Government

The Taliban have announced an interim government in Afghanistan.

It is disappointing.

Why not a regular government?

Is this government on probation of Pakistan?

Will Afghanistan get a regular government? It depends on Pakistan and not the Taliban.

The composition of the government has made it amply clear that it is a construct of the Pakistan Army. It is visibly a government headed by the designated terrorists on the UN List and most wanted by the USA. In itself it makes a clear policy declaration of the future course of actions of the interim government.

It will remain “interim” so long the Pakistan Army needs its services for carrying out terrorist attacks or as their minister has stated after the formation of the interim government “more 9/11” in the world.

The Taliban have been reduced to a mere “tool” in the hands of the Pakistan Army.

The first few orders of the interim Afghan government have assaulted the freedom and dignity of the Afghan women. They are not allowed to continue education, jobs, games such as cricket, move freely without burqa and only if accompanied by a male member of the family. Restrictions have been imposed on music and songs.

Such a regime does not evoke trust in it for the present or future of the Afghani people. It is indicative only of a long period of tyranny, turmoil and instability. Still worse, it is only an “interim” arrangement.

What will emerge in the next few days or months will indicate the future course of political environment in Afghanistan. But it is not going to be bright future for the people of Afghanistan for long.

It is not a popular government chosen or elected by the people of Afghanistan in a fair and free election or selection.

It is a puppet government created by Pakistan for a short time, kept on probation before a final decision is taken to grant it extension or regularise it. It can be removed if it fails to serve the interests of its master.

Whether there will be another government in its place if it is removed? Nobody can predict? But one thing is clear through the smoke screen: it will facilitate a coup against the Taliban and take over by the Afghanistan Army.

That would legitimise the governance by the Pakistan Army over a symbolically elected civil government, whose prime minister survives on the army’s mercy and can be kicked out anytime or even hanged publicly.

That model fits in the machinations of Pakistan as well as China.

Even the Super Powers are likely to lend it indirect support. They would find it easier to deal with one Army General rather than so many designated terrorists. They will avoid any embarrassment to officially deal with a minister or prime minister wanted by them, on whose head they had announced rewards of millions of US Dollars, and whom they failed to punish or catch with all the might of a super power.

They will keep making all the sweet noise of aid to the people of Afghanistan but would never end the unethical situation.

The results of such foreign policy of the super powers will be known only after decades, as in the case of a futile American war in Afghanistan while the real culprit was the government, Army and in particular the ISI of Pakistan.

No super power showed any concern for the people in the conflict zone or the region.

They pursued their policy goals as long as it suited them but deserted the poor Afghan people to their fate when it was no more required. Expecting anything better from them would be too naïve. The masses will never be allowed to gain strength to challenge these forces and

should not expect much.

It is no secret that the present Taliban are the baby of America, CIA and ISI of Pakistan. It is a different matter that they turned against  America, belying expectations of loyalty and gratitude.

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