Troubles Started Post WW-II

The troubles of Afghanistan increased with the end of World War-II. After World War-II, the Western countries were making attractive gains with the help of technology in reconstructing their war ravaged economies. They lost their colonies and source of revenue . Communism posed a threat to their trade. The world war ended but the Cold War started soon.

The two ideologies divided the elite: because of the sins of the European empires, there was natural attraction for the new communist rhetoric. The USSR made impressive progress as a communist country, which added to the attraction. The fight between  capitalism led by America, and communism led by the USSR created new areas of conflict.

It brought armed conflict to Afghanistan uninvited.

Pakistan being the neighbouring country was quick to exploit the geopolitical developments to the full. The current situation in Afghanistan is the direct result of that development.

Motivated by the Cold War fanaticism of capitalism versus communism, America jumped in to the fire and embraced Pakistan as a “true” friend without scrutiny or any strategic test. It didn’t know Pakistan’s “truth” until 2nd May 2011 when it found Osama Bin Laden safe and secure under the protection of the Pakistani army at the Abbottabad Cantonment though Pakistan was all along pretending to be looking for him with the American and NATO forces!

Had America cared to pay due attention to the Non-Aligned countries it would not have fallen in to that fire of hell which has so far consumed billions of American dollars and thousands of young Americans and millions of poor Afghani people.

That is the price one pays for compromising values like fairness, justice and equity.

Pakistan entered in a pact with America as a partner in the war on communism and got huge aid.

It was the gravest mistake America could have made without assessing the credibility of Pakistan, a country pursuing sectarianism as a state policy. It was born to that hatred for religions other than Islam.   

It used the American military aid meant for fighting communism to wage wars against India.

In private the Pakistan Establishment used epithets against America, UK and other European countries which can’t even be reproduced here. They hated them and nursed sectarian grievances against them. Pakistan had started planning low cost wars against India after defeat in the 1971 war.

It used the Mullahs for organising terrorist groups.

The hijacking of the Indian Airlines plane in December 1999 gave it the impetus to increase terrorism as a state policy and lucrative business.

Kidnapping for ransom has been an old practice with them. In Taliban they found reliable partners. The world knows it now only.

The contribution of Pakistan in making al Qaeda is known to the world intelligence networks. But they proved smarter than even the CIA in beguiling America in trusting their friendship.

Knowingly or unknowingly, the USA to some extent simply kept watching it grow, checking it when necessary, slowing it or providing it traction according to their foreign policy requirements. Nobody cared to monitor the operations of terrorists or al Qaeda until 9/11 opened their eyes.

Attacks by Pakistan sponsored terrorists in many Indian cities were   downplayed by America and other Western countries.

Their television channels even called such terrorists “freedom fighters”. Their TV, radio, print and social media continues to call them freedom fighters even today.

Can they call Osama Bin Laden, al Qaeda or Taliban freedom fighters? Why do these super powers adopt double standard?

Do they not invite their own devastation at the hands of such monsters?

Did they forget that such partisan approach to terrorism would make them the next target? It really happened in America on 9/11 and later in London, Paris and other places.

The cost of cultivating Pakistan has proved extremely heavy for the USA by August 2021. America will take decades to regain what it lost that August 30, 2021 in Afghanistan.

Has America or the NATO learnt any lessons?

They can’t abandon Pakistan mysteriously.

The cause of continued conflict in the world lies in such mysterious bonding.

They will be watched very keenly by the world governments.   

The tragedy that struck America that fine morning on 11th September 2001 when the Trade Towers and the Pentagon were attacked by civilian planes owned by America and stationed at the American airport by pilots also trained by America was unimaginable for the people of America and the government of America and the civilized world. Before that day the Western countries had no experience of ghastly acts of savagery of the terrorists killing hundred of innocent civilians in public places, public transport  like trains and buses or hospitals. But those ugly attacks had been taking place elsewhere in the world, though the western countries ignored them as of no significance. Had they taken a serious note of those terrorist attacks, 9/11 would never have happened. India was pained at the savagery killing thousands of innocent men, women and children. India had experienced ghastly attacks in several cities by the same Pakistan trained and sponsored terrorists.

The world would not have suffered the savagery of the terrorists had the capitalist countries shown due respect for non-alignment, non-violence and peace pursued by countries like India. Peace seemed to offend them at that time as they were obsessed with militarism.

In their fanatic anti-communism mindset, they turned a blind eye to the lurking big danger to the security and safety of people in the world in the form of Pakistan.

The UK thought Pakistan will remain grateful and loyal forever for the favour of carving out an Islamic country out of India. It was mistaken. It was clear on its goals. The UK is no more secure.

The cult of terrorism and barbarity thinks just  contrary to civility. The UK continues to live under the illusion of practicing decency with the terrorists and creates anxiety to the rest of the world by allowing a mullah to have the audacity to give a call from UK to the Taliban to impose Jazia (Islamic tax) on non-Muslims!

America and many European nations have bought the Pakistan narrative on Kashmir and got trapped in a pitfall from where they will not get out until next decade when they might be able to re-formulate their definitions and policies on human rights, migrants, justice, religion, liberalism, democracy, proselytization, climate, culture, asylum to insurgents, human trafficking, drugs, virtues, vices, values, liberty, freedom etc. to follow collectively and not individually for all nations.

An unstable, poor, lawless Afghanistan is what Pakistan needs to realise its dreams. The world will witness a new disorder in Afghanistan unless it succeeds in turning it in to a free nation with a progressive stable government elected by a popular mandate. In the present conditions, even humanitarian aid will be misappropriated by the Taliban to strengthen its party and Pakistan for fanning the fires of  infighting among different groups of Taliban.

It needs to be honestly noted that the American policy on Kashmir has to change urgently. It has to be followed by every NATO member country. India is a successful democracy and an ancient country with rich culture. It could have settled the Kashmir matter by military operation in no time but chose to go to the UNO as a civilized country under counsel of the Governor-General Lord Mountbatten. Kashmir is an integral part of India. Pakistan has cheated many civilized countries by raising a dispute and fighting wars with India on Kashmir. In the 1971 war Pakistan surrendered and more than 90,000 soldiers were taken by India as POWs . India later released all of them. This should have been more than enough for America and Europe to appreciate the real situation with respect to Kashmir and call Pakistan’s bluff.

Had they done so, there would have been no al Qaeda or Taliban or dozen other terrorist organisations operating from the Pakistani territory posing a threat to the entire civilized world.

Surviving on American aid, Pakistan has created much embarrassment to America, especially President Biden, in less than a week  of American troops leaving Afghanistan. In fact, it has achieved its dirty mission of launching the worst sectarian conflict in centuries.

Developments in Afghanistan should wake up the western countries to the imminent danger. Pakistan will open conflict zone in Gilgit Baltistan with the help of China. For all practical purposes it has already surrendered even the occupied portion of Kashmir to China. The Taliban will help the Baluchistan people to attain freedom from Pakistan. As the area falls within the BRI (Bridges and Roads Initiative) and is rich in minerals, China would not allow the Baluchi people to succeed. Pakistan may bluff China on the Uighur Muslims but will fan trouble in collusion with the Taliban. China would like the South China Sea left to itself by engaging super powers in the Pakistani game in Afghanistan. If humanitarian aid is given, it will be misappropriated to strengthen the Taliban cadres and the problem of Afghani people will hurt humanity. If no aid is given, there will be more brutality to the Afghani people. The Afghanis are going to face starvation, disease and lawlessness in any case. Now that the Taliban have come to possess American weapons in huge quantity, peace is bound to suffer in the region and the world. Special targets of the trained terrorists will be America, UK, France, Germany and Russia. The Taliban may not be able to provide a stable government to their country and Pakistan will exploit the situation by supporting the Taliban for terrorism unhindered.

Activities of Pakistan will disturb world peace and progress in the next three decades.

It needs to be highlighted that Islam was not born in Pakistan.

The Pakistanis are “coverts” to Islam. Therefore all its operations in the name of Islam are fake. It is Pakistan’s interpretation of Islam that terrorism is the best means of spreading Islam, but it has ended up spreading negativity about the religion. In order to disguise itself, Pakistan has been nurturing al Qaeda, Taliban and dozen other terrorist organisations giving them Islamic nomenclature for carrying out terrorist attacks. All the planning, recruitment, training, logistics, financing and network is provided by Pakistan, these organisations only claim responsibility of terrorist attacks and Pakistan escapes direct responsibility.

Dossiers containing hard evidence had been given by India to Pakistan many times, but Pakistan had only demanded more evidence. Actually, Pakistan hides behind the Sharia whereas the rest of the world practices civil/criminal law and operates under the UN Conventions. Pakistan provokes Muslim countries to enforce the Sharia strictly but pretends to be a democracy itself. Pakistan needs to be exposed and its true colours brought to the public view so that civilized societies may live in peace and harmony.

Peace is the most valuable asset of humanity.

The world needs to put value to it.

It was more than two millennia ago that the Buddha was born to give the world the vision of peace.

His message reached beyond the borders of India far and wide.

It acquired the public acclaim of a religion.

Is it not an irony that Afghanistan, where the Bamiyan Buddha statues gave the world the message of peace more than 1500 years ago, today has become the territory ruled by the Taliban representing the cult of violence?

Such is the ingrained human depravity that messengers of peace like the Buddha will always be needed by the harassed humanity.

The fall of the cult of violence propagated by the Taliban, including al Qaeda and ISIS with all their variants is imminent and peace alone shall prevail.

The period from the time of the Buddha till “modernity” encompasses the history of violence in the name of religion. Both Christianity and Islam were born after the birth of the Buddha. In the journey of mankind, violence came to replace the belief in non-violence and peace spread by the Buddha without wielding even a knife. Such is the power of truth. It is the power of human mind, ideas, positivity and a world view encompassing the whole creation as one. Anything contrary leads only to savagery as is happening in Afghanistan under the Taliban. The Taliban also see the extremity of the violence with its own eyes but are not moved. They are insensitive to it. They are born in the  interregnum between the Buddha and modernity.

The world had been advocating peace. The establishment of the League of Nations and the United Nations Organisation are evidence to it.

The world had its new messenger of peace: M.K. Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi.

He has become the present icon for bloodless revolution anywhere in the world.

The Arab Spring revolution was inspired by him.

Afghanistan would have been spared the pain of the Taliban violence had Pakistan allowed the Frontier Gandhi Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, who is known as the Pride of Afghans (Fakhr-e-Afghan),  to inspire the people rather than M.A. Jinnah, who had started violence in India under the direct action plan in 1946 in Calcutta, stoking communal riots on a very large scale in which thousands of Hindus were killed.

Jinnah created communal hatred between the Hindus and Muslims on the one hand and the Pashtuns and Punjabi Muslims in what has now become Pakistan.

The present unpleasant developments in Afghanistan are the direct result of the hatred Jinnah created between the Pashtuns and the rest of the Muslims.

The entire ideology of terrorism is born of the hatred propagated by Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Pakistan made Islam a religion of hatred for other religions and gave the unholy slogan of Jihad to cover its ghastly activities, which went unnoticed till Osama Bin Laden’s discovery in the Abbottabad cantonment.

The Americans and the NATO countries ignored even such a stellar proof of Pakistan’s direct responsibility in sponsoring terrorist attacks worldwide till they suffered the humiliation they had never imagined (like they never thought that a 9/11 could even happen on the American soil and in that manner) in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban apparently but in reality Pakistan’s Army and ISI.

The American senate is interrogating the Biden administration, its minister and officials on the debacle. They still think it was due to incompetent handling of the situation in Afghanistan and have not gone deeper in to the matter. They have yet to examine why Pakistan is using propaganda against civilized societies and pursuing terrorism as the state policy.

Pakistan has mis-read the history of the last few centuries, role of Islam or its leadership of the Muslim world.

Pakistan is smart enough not to act like the Taliban but believes in producing Taliban type terrorist organisations and then use them as suicide bombers or terrorist attackers against the target country. Pakistan will not give up this policy as long as it sells.

How does the Pakistan manufactured terrorism policy succeed?

All nations proclaim to be anti-terrorism. First, Pakistan gets energy from the OIC. Fortunately now several Muslim countries have understood Pakistan and maintain distance. But countries like America and UK and other European countries patronise Pakistan. They have played not only a highly dubious role in the region but an avowedly partisan approach in favour of Pakistan. America never advised Pakistan to stop committing aggression on India. It has allowed itself to be cheated on the Kashmir issue by buying the false narrative vended by Pakistan. Had America been objective, it would have understood the ground realities in no time. But it forgot to do so in the pursuit of the policy of containment of communism in the region. Pakistan exploited the situation to its advantage but to the disadvantage of America.

It might be quite instructive to review the American stance in the 1965 and 1971 India-Pakistan war and declassify the documents so that the American people now know the truth. In 1971, America threatened to send its 7th Fleet to the Bay of Bengal in support of Pakistan.

Was that conducive to world peace?

Can America justify it even now?

Unless the policy of the superpowers undergoes change from war to peace, Taliban will keep emerging and Afghanistan happening and a military dictatorship like Pakistan harvesting benefits from it.

Civilized societies grant political asylum. But if such a request is made in the name of religious persecution in a country where a vibrant democracy and independent judiciary works, it ought to be subjected to critical examination before acceptance. Terrorists of various denominations perpetrate attacks while enjoying hospitality of the host country. The terror attacks in America, UK, Sweden, France, Germany or Brussels were carried out by migrants settled as citizens. The liberal systems in civilized countries should not be allowed to be abused. Ultimately, such elements harm the host country.

Another mechanism to organise and carry out white collar terrorist strikes against democratic countries are seminars, misusing the campus of a university or its name to run propaganda. Like terrorists, these intellectuals and academicians and writers use a small girl to release a Toolkit to carry out real terrorist attacks on its society, polity, culture and economy with a view to create destabilisation in the country or vilify its leadership.

The worst part of such deplorable activities is the hidden radical religious agenda to mount propaganda to portray the target country as intolerant.

The audacity of the organised religions to issue diktats to its followers not to vote the targeted political party or its leaders causes conflicts that lead to permanent scars only.

Unless nations decide to disallow such irreligious practices, peace can never be established easily.

By not doing so they act no different from Taliban or ISIS or Al Qaeda as their object too is to paint their faith alone as the supreme faith and their God the only God to the exclusion of all other faith.

Nothing could be more illusory.

Those religions which have been looking for proselytizing must remember that the universe is older than their religion or God and that religions existed before their religion was even born and that mankind is fortunate to have such a rich treasure of religious thoughts.

They should forget to impose their faith on others by threat or inducement or any other means.

Instead, all faiths must be freely pursued according to individual interest and choice.

If the supreme authorities of organised religions instruct their followers on these lines, brutalities of the Taliban kind will never occur.

God does not live at the mercy of humans but humans exist at the mercy of God!

The world has to decide what they want: nuclear/biological weapons of mass destruction or peace.

Religion should be separated from governance completely.

Civil, criminal, social, political, cultural, financial and governance matters should be the exclusive responsibility of the democratic government.

Presently, the religious Heads have concentrated all the civil, judicial and military powers in their hand which they use arbitrarily in the same way the Taliban are doing. No religion can be given an exemption from this general rule of separation of political and religious powers.

The bright side of developments in Afghanistan is that Islam is undergoing a churning.

The women are not going to suffer whipping publicly.

Son of God is a common refrain in most religious texts.

It means the Son is born to a woman, his mother. No religion can show a text which contains the account of whipping of the mother of the Son. No Islamic scholar has so far produced any evidence of any word or line or sentence or paragraph or chapter on whipping any woman publicly.

How can the Talibs be ill-educated by any Madarsa or teacher to perpetrate such a horrible sin publicly?

Can the Church hang a scarlet letter “A” round the neck of a woman accused of adultery today? If it tries it now it will meet with fierce opposition in the whole world.

We are living in modern times and women enjoy equal rights. The masculine harassers of women at work place have been taught valuable lessons in good conduct towards women by a simple agitation  “MeToo”, started by women only a few years ago.

If the Taliban refuse to learn any lesson now, they will only embolden the Afghan women to  fight for their rights.

They will discard the burqa soon to liberate themselves.

Burqa is a symbol of slavery of women to men. It is the cause all atrocities on women like pronouncing divorce thrice.

In countries where it has been abandoned, the men had to accept the change though they were fighting against it tooth and nail.

Once women stand up for their right they get it.

The civilized world should come forward in support of Afghan women, demand a public apology from the Taliban to the tortured women in particular and women in general, and must make it one of the conditions to extend the Taliban regime recognition.

Women deserve to be respected. They are entitled to pure love as a daughter, Talib, sister, wife, mother, teacher, specialist professional, business person or social reformer.

This is true secularism. No religion has any authority to deny women respect.

From ancient times, the wise had been counselling mankind to respect women because God lives only in those territories where women are respected: “ Atra Naariyastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devta” (Sanskrit); it means that women can bring the Heaven on Earth in a country where they are respected.

Our conduct is determined by the thoughts we have. A person taught from early childhood in a Madarsa by a Maulvi, who is respected for age and as the teacher, that it is lawful to whip a woman in a public place would not think before executing the command of any authority ordering him to do so.

On the contrary, if a child learns in school to respect women, he would think ten times before carrying out such an inhuman act. In all probability, he is likely to disobey such an order.

Where women are disrespected or treated with contempt, only Shaitan or the Satan resides.

Such societies belonged to the medieval times, not modern times. Women must be protected the same way as Truth. Both can easily be harmed by the Satan defying the cosmic laws.

Denying women the right to education is like suicide which is also called self-harm.

Women’s right to education can no longer be denied in our times as the value educated women can attach to life had been recognized long ago in many societies which encouraged women to learn and acquire education and contribute to the intellectual input for good living. A scholarly society is above gender discrimination.

Take those families within Islam of the Taliban brand which have allowed their women to access education and mark the difference in the quality of life in those families and compare it with the cruel but innocent Taliban eating ice cream and driving children’s toy cars in the entertainment park in Kabul.

It is the same Taliban who have been whipping the women publicly who were desperately looking for women to support them by video-graphing a few Burqa-clad women saying they support the Taliban and their style of enforcing the Sharia.

They were immensely happy after the videography.

Nobody else bought the paid propaganda video but it proved the value of women in running a government and society.

The certificate of good conduct those 4 or 5 women issued to the Taliban helped the Taliban carry out extensive publicity.

Just imagine 4 or 5 women only!

Now think what will happen when all the women in Afghanistan discard the Burqa, force close down burqa sales stores, burn them publicly where women had been subjected to whipping and decide to pay the atrocious male offenders in the same language!

It is possible. It can happen any day.

When it happens, Islam would become the religion of love and peace only.   

Today, millions of Muslim women are highly educated, professionally qualified and working. They are inspiring change. Taliban or Pakistan will not be able to keep them under chains any longer. Obscurantist Madarsas or Islamic schools will not be able to stop the children from accessing the best education outside.

People are saying that the Taliban have changed in the last 20 years. It is not material whether they have changed or not; what is important is that the education they have taken has already brought about a visible change in them.  

I visualize a changed Islam soon as the number of the educated grows steadily pulling the ordinary out of the  schools which make monsters of them. They will not give a call for Jihad but peace.

Much will also depend on the developed countries which may contribute to peace or evade any attempt to establish global peace. China, Russia, Japan, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and America will be called upon to work for peace and not war.

The language of the bilateral and multilateral interaction will be so formulated as to promote peace and understanding rather than conflict and dissension.

The Taliban have deeply hurt human sensibilities and exhibited complete disregard for world public opinion.

They are now appealing for aid on “humanitarian” ground!

What contradiction!

The Taliban act inhuman, brute and savage in torturing and killing human beings are now appealing for help from the world on humanitarian ground!

They should not expect any aid in the circumstances because the Taliban have stoutly refused to change or reform their ideas of Islam or Sharia or human beings in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world. They can’t be trusted for distributing the humanitarian aid to the hungry Afghan men, women and children without converting it in to a lever for further enslavement of the unfortunate human beings.

Instead of appealing to the world community, the Taliban ought to appeal to their chief patron and mentor Pakistan to provide them adequate aid. Pakistan is a rich , powerful and big country in comparison. Besides, it had converted the fine Afghanis in to wolves called Taliban.

What was the reason?

It was to take revenge on the Afghans and Pashtuns for opposing the creation of Pakistan and Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Pakistan devised the perfect revenge machine to destroy the Afghans and Pashtuns in the name of Islam and delivered the Taliban.

Can’t the Taliban ponder for a moment on this issue?

The entire territory of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan is dominated by the Pashtuns and the Taliban and is one of the worst sufferers of the discrimination in Pakistan. They compare extremely poor against the Lahori Pakistanis or Punjabi Pakistanis, who rule the country and control the Pakistan army. They are like others treated as just Muhajir or Mujahidin. Urdu and Punjabi languages have guillotined Pushto and Afghani.

So long the Taliban walk the path laid down for them by the ISI of Pakistan with blinkers on their eyes they will never realize how horribly they are being discriminated and how they are being used by Pakistan to serve its interests.

The Taliban are entitled to even demand from Pakistan all the aid they need to re-build Afghanistan.

Pakistan owes Afghanistan billions of US Dollars for stealing its human and other assets, creating anarchy in Afghanistan and branding the Taliban as medieval brutes.

All for Islam? Isn’t Pakistan also responsible for carrying forward Islam? Has it done anything with pious intentions except abusing the unsuspecting Muslim youth like the Taliban and their shoulder to fire its guns and perpetrate heinous terror attacks in the name of Islam or Jihad anywhere in the world?

Is Pakistan the Caliph of Islam?

Does it want to become the Caliph?

The Taliban are entitled to snatch from Pakistan what belongs to them as the wolves snatch their share of the kill from the pack.

As Pakistan has made wolves of the proud and brave Afghans, the Taliban are entitled to hunt it down. They would only help the poor Pakistanis by creating the fear of the Taliban Wolves to bring back tonnes of Pakistan’s money kept in foreign banks by the army generals and politicians after stealing from the citizens. What belongs to the Pakistan people needs to be returned to them. If the Taliban or the TTP( Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) do it, they would be performing a genuine Jihad. Today only the Jihad against corruption of the army generals and politicians is needed and justified.

The Taliban or the government of Afghanistan have to take a solemn vow to make Afghanistan a prosperous, peaceful and highly cultured nation. They have to become powerful on their own by taking development as their sole programme instead of looking for financial or food aid. It will give Afghanistan the desired respectability to enter in to foreign financial collaborations.

The world would happily co-operate with Afghanistan in making its vision and mission development a grand success.

It has to formulate its own policies independent of Pakistan to end the present situation of extreme poverty.


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