Taliban Closing Options

In a few weeks the Taliban have already narrowed down their options. They have already isolated themselves from the rest of the world community. What they have done so far is indicative of their plan to take Afghanistan to the Middle Ages. They think they can take the whole world back to the medieval times. But they are grossly mistaken. Neither the world will go back to the medieval times nor shall it allow Afghanistan to be pushed in to it, irrespective of its instigators supporting it. Presently, its supporters are no shining examples of good governance. They can’t be the ideal or model for an aspiring Afghanistan. Only healthy democracies can help.

The Taliban have hanged a person in Kabul publicly, who had been hung to the wings of a helicopter, which was flown through the city.

It struck fear among the terrorised Afghans and enraged the whole civilized world. Extending any help or assistance to such a savage organisation would amount to sacrificing democracy for savagery!

It has again struck fear by stabbing a person to death first and thereafter firing bullets in to him! Such incidents have been multiplied in other places, including the Panjshir valley. It shows no regrets. Never apologises. Never betrays any trace of humaneness, commiseration, fraternity, kindness or mercy. It does not hesitate to kill children and women in the same way.

Whipping helpless burqa clad women publicly has been witnessed globally with horror!

Education to women has been denied.

Employment to women has been stopped. Women employees have been told to stay at home.

Women have been told not to study but produce children only.

Houses are being searched and girls kidnapped.

A university has been burnt.

Cinema has been banned.

Television sets have been destroyed.

Dress code for women enforced.

Political office for women not allowed.

In a nutshell the Taliban have created a closed society which will pale the Iron Curtained Central Economy nations of the Communist Era.

Who is Taliban intimidating by these illogical actions? Are they aimed at the civilized world? Are they aimed only at America? Are they aimed at UK? Are they aimed at Europe?

Are they aimed at Muslim Countries? Can these restrictions be imposed in every Muslim country under the influence of the Taliban?

The Taliban consider these restrictions as the Sharia Law. But can they be imposed on Pakistan? Can the Taliban persuade Turkey to impose these laws on the Turkish men and women? Or can it make Saudi Arabia accept its diktat? None of these countries are likely to adopt the Taliban laws as the actual Sharia. They are developed and progressive countries which are forward looking unlike the backward looking Taliban. So, it means the Taliban have chosen to go in to self-isolation or quarantine. How can it appeal to other countries for giving it humanitarian aid?

Even Pakistan has expressed concerns about national security feeling the threat from the Taliban, in particular the TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan). Pakistan has only been appealing to the world leaders to extend recognition to the Taliban government though it has failed to do so. Pakistan is holding out threats that unless recognised immediately, the Taliban will be a threat to every country. That has become the reputation of the Taliban government of Afghanistan. How the world sees Afghanistan today needs to be understood well by the Taliban government.

Unless the Taliban government convinces the world leaders of its sincerity in running an inclusive government which will treat women as equals of men with right to education and employment, human rights and peace, abandons the cult of violence and terrorism and accepts peaceful co-existence, it is unlikely to succeed in persuading other countries to give it any aid even on humanitarian grounds. If it changes as required, all the aid needed by Afghanistan will flow within less than 48 Hours.

The Taliban have requested the UNO for granting them representation at the 76th Annual General meeting in New York 21-27 September 2021. It only suggests that the Taliban still takes the world community for granted and seeks to assert its right to be represented at the deliberations without doing even a bit to convince the world community that it is a new and reformed Taliban. There is absolutely no question of its request being accepted unless it changes visibly and permanently. It can’t remain a perennial threat to world stability and peaceful order. The UN has rejected Taliban’s request for granting them representation at the UNGA meeting and allowed the representative appointed by the previous Afghanistan government to continue to represent Afghanistan.

The New World Order has already set in the moment the USA decided to leave Afghanistan and exited it finally on August 30, 2021.

The USA entry in to Afghanistan was a distortion of globalisation but its exit sounded the change the world had been seeking desperately since 9/11.

Everyone knew how harshly the perpetrators of the brutal act would come to be punished. They had such a narrow view of the world that they were made to believe terrorists like the Al Qaeda would one day rule the world and there would the only one religion, that is, Islam.

The Taliban has to change for its own sake and the people of Afghanistan. It can’t go on forever killing innocent people or whipping women publicly. Had it acknowledged the fact of the world having changed to modernism it would have established a credible government in Afghanistan immediately on 30th August 2021. Perhaps they were too shocked by the sudden withdrawal of America. They might have thought that America was unlikely to leave Afghanistan in spite of the Doha Deal. It is also possible that they thought they would have all the time to form a government once the Americans withdrew.

Had the American and NATO forces demanded of the Taliban a shadow government before transferring power to them, the feuding among various groups of the Taliban would have surfaced and that might have complicated matters and delayed American withdrawal and Taliban take over. May be even the Americans thought the Ghani government and the Afghan army would take care of the formation of the new government on the basis of power sharing. It was not a simple matter to be left to be decided by the Taliban or the Ghani government. It was too obvious that President Ghani would run away as soon as the Americans deserted him and left Afghanistan.

Every deed of the Taliban since 31st August 2021 gave proof that the Taliban have changed little and indulged in the same brutal activities for which they earned notoriety 20 years ago. The cult of violence in the  name of Sharia the Taliban practice has no takers in the modern world including Muslim countries. But its leadership has not stopped issuing threats to the world if their demand for recognition is not conceded.

They need to take note of the New World Order seriously and stop  threatening civilized countries. It will help the Taliban to take the speeches of the world leaders at the UN GA seriously which set out the contours of the New World Order and the warning to terrorist organizations.   

This is what President Biden said at the 76th UN GA meeting.


Instead of continuing to fight the wars of the past, we are fixing our eyes on devoting our resources to the challenges that hold the keys to our collective future …

We’ve ended 20 years of conflict in Afghanistan.

And as we close this period of relentless war, we’re back at the table in international forums, especially the United Nations, to focus attention and to spur global action on shared challenges.

The United States will continue to defend ourselves, our allies and our interests against attack, including terrorist threats, as we prepare to use force if any is necessary, but — to defend our vital U.S. national interests including against ongoing and imminent threats.

U.S. military power must be our tool of last resort, not our first, and it should not be used as an answer to every problem we see around the world. Indeed, today, many of our greatest concerns cannot be solved or even addressed through the force of arms. Bombs and bullets cannot defend against COVID-19 or its future variants. 

We must also remain vigilant to the threat that terrorism poses to all our nations… Those who commit acts of terrorism against us will continue to find a determined enemy in the United States.

The world today is not the world of 2001, though, and the United States is not the same country we were when we were attacked on 9/11, 20 years ago.

Today, we’re better equipped to detect and prevent terrorist threats, and we are more resilient in our ability to repel them and to respond.

We know how to build effective partnerships to dismantle terrorist networks by targeting their financing and support systems, countering their propaganda, preventing their travel, as well as disrupting imminent attacks.

We’ll meet terrorist threats that arise today and in the future with a full range of tools available to us, including working in cooperation with local partners so that we need not be so reliant on large-scale military deployments.


I have quoted excerpts of President Biden’s speech to emphasise the fact that most member countries hold the same views about terrorism and the organizations like the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS etc. Taliban would commit a grave blunder by treading the path of violence because it will be met with the collective wrath of the world if the threat of 9/11 in America or anywhere else is carried out by any rogue elements.

Now that the Taliban have got what they wanted and fought for, they must give Afghanistan one of the best governments in the world. They must court democracy unhesitatingly and make heaven on earth.


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