Unified International Response To terrorism

Terrorism works on a unified religious agenda to the exclusion of other religions and calling their God as the only God to the exclusion of all other religions. Often their idea of religion and God creates conflicts with other faiths. It gives the extremists the necessary impetus to take to violence on a limited scale, which grows in extremity with each petty success. The last 2000 years have witnessed more conflicts in the name of religion than in the past. It is sheer coincidence that both Christianity and Islam were born during this period only. But mankind is older than religions. Other religions were born before the birth of Christianity and Islam and are still practiced widely. Conflicts in the name of religion are unholy, to say the least. On the contrary, inter-religion exchange of thoughts is holier than any conflict- armed or unarmed. On this scale, many advanced countries would be at fault just like the Taliban or IS or any other group involved in extreme violence.

While some do it in a sophisticated manner, having grown for millennia, others indulge in brutality. No one gets God by violence. Violence in the name of God has come to be termed as terrorism.

Terrorism should cause concerns worldwide undoubtedly. But contribution to religious understanding and harmony comes by the collective will of all the stakeholders. The situation in Afghanistan will keep reminding the world of its need for decades, if not centuries, before the New World Order gets established.

It will be counterproductive to view the situation in Afghanistan with blinkers about the Taliban. Some challenges before the international community are apparent while others will emerge if the developments in Afghanistan and terrorist advances come to threaten international community, world peace and security of the planet.

One notable feature of the current Taliban rule over Afghanistan is that they have come to possess highly advanced American weaponry. It marks a serious turn in the Terrorists’ capabilities. Terrorist have been seeking such weapons for long. When they came to possess AK47 rifles their crimes increased enormously. Now they have superior strike capabilities with weapons much in demand in America’s rival countries and big & small terrorist organisations. Terrorists want to eliminate their enemy in one powerful strike, at least psychologically.

The Taliban has suddenly become the leader of the terrorist world (though it should let others enjoy that honorary title!). It has created its own problems as well. The Taliban is facing deadly attacks from its own rivals in their own country. A number of bomb blasts have taken place in Afghanistan in less than 3 months. A blast in Kabul was the first one killing 27 and injuring many others. Another blast in a Shiite mosque in Kunduz on 8th October 2021 was reported to have killed more than 100 worshippers and 200 wounded. It was suspected to be the work of the IS Khorasan, though nobody owned it up for days. The IS again mocked the Taliban government by staging a suicide attack on worshippers on Friday October 15, 2021 in Kandhar on the largest Shia Mosque killing 65 people and injuring dozens other. Such occurrences have become a regular and the Taliban stand challenged by their rivals for supremacy.

Response to such violence demands superior levels of violence than even the IS or the Taliban, but that is stooping to the level of the brutes,  not elevation. Civilization has moved from violence to peace and become rich in culture and prospered.

The Haqqani network has claimed itself superior to the Taliban. It has attacked Taliban leaders and innocent citizens in order to establish its superiority. In comparison the Taliban appears to be soft- exactly as the civilised world appears to the Taliban. The terrorists suffer the illusions that one 9/11 type episode can subdue all the world in modern times. That is why they commit so easily acts of violence as in France more than once in recent times. They were provoking retribution. America with NATO went after them to punish them only. Unfortunately, it forgot to do its homework properly. It forgot the psychology of the terrorist mind and its successes by the sword in the last millennia or so.

It meant mishandling Afghanistan to an extent where the savage and brute attained a sanctity to their inhuman purpose.

It has emboldened them to consider their ends and means to achieve such ends right. It other words, terrorism has received a stamp of approval for them.

The American mishandling of Afghanistan has created an unprecedented situation for the rest of the world, which unless handled in equally unprecedented manner is going to cost humanity dearly as even the survival of mankind itself is endangered.

Looking at the looming danger in parts in terms of which country comes under targeted attack of the terrorists and which escapes is bound to harm each one ultimately.

The Haqqani network is a deadlier organisation undoubtedly but there are others superior to it such as the IS which is targeting both of them.

And one can’t expect the al Qaeda to keep silent.

Even the dozens not yet known so much will jump in to the fray to get their share of few days of publicity.

What had the terrorists been doing so long? They were contributing to disorder- irrespective which country was paying them- for their share and were satisfied for some-time till the rivalry between the ringmasters offered them enough incentives to ditch the earlier employer for the later one. A history of all the World Trade Routes will reveal the birth of terrorism in piracy on route the merchant caravans, boats and ships.

When religions sanctioned such unholy ways of enrichment, they encouraged violence of the most savage kind like killing children, women and men or burning whatever came their way just to terrify the masses.

Today’s world being different, the response will also be different.

Terrorism will be defeated and humanity will win.

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