After The Taliban

No day passes without some unpleasant news from Afghanistan. It was announced on 15 October 2021 that the Taliban Chief Akhundzada was killed in an attack by the Pakistani forces in 2020 itself. On October 15, 2021 Kabul was plunged in to darkness by ISIS(IS-K), which bombed an electricity pylon to disrupt power supply. Afghanistan imports power from its northern neighbours Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.  It resulted in disruption in supply of electricity to several provinces. It is a prime target for the anti-Taliban IS-K. On October 24, 2021 reports came that several Taliban Security Officers were killed in a series of attacks in Jalalabad. The IS-K has been hitting the Taliban repeatedly, which is a blow to the Taliban to stabilise Afghanistan. The Taliban has promised to fight IS-K but failed and attacks from the IS-K continue unabated, killing large numbers every time.

There is no guarantee that the violence of the terrorism kind will not occur anywhere after the Taliban establish a peaceful democratic constitutional regime.

The Taliban are not the first nor the last signature of extreme violence, brutality and savagery.

Once they vacate the arena, other masters of the craft will emerge to occupy it. Their methods will be more torturous than the Taliban or their ilk.

The Taliban are babies of the Cold War. They had been only manipulated by other countries so far. Afghanistan has lost so much that it might take more than a century to recoup. If the Taliban fail to establish a stable government, improve law and order swiftly, opt for liberal democracy under a written constitution and earn goodwill for human rights, it shall continue to get stabbed repeatedly by rival terror groups like Al Qaeda or IS-K and dozen others.

Poverty drives the brutes and savages to carry out demonic attacks on people unable to defend themselves.

The conflict between violence and non-violence exists in the DNA of mankind. Culture controls, calibrates and regulates it whenever civilization and culture acquire dominance in society.

Afghanistan is the cause of global anxiety presently.

It is a human catastrophe.

It is a threat to world peace, security, stability, trade, commerce, financial system and democracy.

The UNSC has held several rounds of discussions on the situation and action required to mitigate the suffering of the masses, especially children and women.

Bilateral negotiations are simultaneously going on to help Afghanistan get a democratic government and necessary assistance from the IMF.

Efforts are afoot to get America release Afghani funds in American banks frozen by it.

The G20 comprising Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the European Union, France, Germany, India, Italy convened an extraordinary summit on October 12, 2021 to consider the situation in Afghanistan and measures required to meet the challenges thrown by the Taliban victory.

While the world wants to extend necessary help, it needs a guarantee that terrorism will not get any support from the Taliban and the Afghan territory shall not be allowed to be used for mounting terrorist attacks against any country in the neighbourhood or far away. The Taliban have made no commitment on it so far.

The situation in Afghanistan worries nations and people on humanitarian grounds. The Taliban might ignore global empathy for the Afghan people and continue to maintain an adversarial posture but to get recognition it has to prove its credentials as a law abiding inclusive government committed to enforcing human rights and other democratic values.

Any other option before it would never be helpful.

Terrorism is outdated now.

It might carry on armed conflicts but without victory. All it has ended achieving is misery for the average Afghani without any hope for happier days under the Taliban.

That leaves the ground open for further conflicts, igniting only the chain of counter conflicts, devastation and destruction of human lives, sowing poverty in perpetuity.

The Taliban need to be persuaded through peaceful means, as is the condition of civilized living, to establish a popular government.

It also demands of other nations to refrain from creating conflict in other countries for religious, political or trade reasons.

The signs of newer colonisation are too apparent to ignore today. Take FB, Google, twitter, Instagram and dozen other similar clones. They are monopolising, dominating, regulating, controlling, influencing, interfering, exploiting, threatening and terrorising in a civilized, polished, sophisticated, suave, urbane and soft manner all the nations and populations with the power of modern technology in their hands.

These tools are obviously for the good of mankind- that is how marketing is done.

But everything born of human brain and hands is capable of inflicting global destruction in a moment.

We are confronted today with the power of abuse of these tools. These tools have been successfully used for regime change, inciting violence, spreading rumours, circulating fake news, putting out doctored videos on television, print media and social media.

The damage is done even before the victims know what has hit them.

Conflicts will be caused by misuse of these AI tools and wars launched from outside our planet by irresponsible and hyper ambitious elements living in the security of outer space but whose entire brain space will be occupied by thoughts of violence similar to the Taliban love for violence of the terrorists.

It serves no purpose to replace one kind of violence by another.

If God lives in us, the Devil can’t go anywhere else. We, human beings alone, are the exception of the Creation to be simultaneously blessed with the boon of God and the curse of the Devil.

Names may change but the conflict between the forces of positivity on the one side and negativity on the other shall go on in one form or the other.

We have the option of tempering our negative instincts by increasing the quantum of positive ideas and deeds and go on enriching our civilisation and culture.

Both heaven and hell are here on Earth. We human beings alone make them. History of mankind takes pride only in the glory of civilisations and cultures which have left permanent mark. Periods of aggression, violence and brutality stand trashed and are referred only contemptuously as examples to demonstrate the dark side of human conduct.

The past had justification at least in religion, territory and wealth. But that was before globalisation and information revolution, internet and space adventures. Now it is neither the blade nor the bullet nor even the bomb but AI and AAI, VR and AVR. The world is different today. We have to think differently today. The next conflicts will be ignited by the powers owning these new age weaponry.

While the wars on earth may become outdated, the space wars will be the next reality. The Taliban can’t be held responsible for stopping them. But their destructive power will be many times more than what terrorism has given the world. The world needs to listen to the Bamiyan Buddhas again, not the Taliban or those engaged in counter terrorism.

Can a peaceful democratic Afghanistan survive?

Can it survive under the ISI of Pakistan? The ISI chief was in Afghanistan the next day the Taliban came to power. He was seen supervising government formation and interfering in the war between the Taliban forces and the Panjshir fighters. It closed the borders for the Afghan refugees wanting to enter Pakistan for safety and livelihood. Pakistan increased the airfare by 20 times for Kabul-Islamabad flight by Pakistan airlines. Its show of seeking international help for Afghanistan is a sham and is likely to be misappropriated by it considering its own financial situation.

Can it survive the dictatorship of expansionist China?

Can it survive the intrigues of powers expert in diplomatic exploitation and dominance at the cost of others?

An inherent dynamism is bound to create disturbances, dislocations and doldrums in any country committed to peaceful existence and human values. The  plots, schemes, conspiracies, guiles, deceits of vested interests are many but they become a source of constant concern if the neighbour is Pakistan. Even if al Qaeda, IS, Taliban and every other terrorist organisation were to decide to ensure a peace loving Afghanistan, Pakistan will not tolerate it.

Pakistan has no real democracy and China is just the opposite of democracy.

The other countries in its neighbourhood have their own model of democratic government but the region remains volatile largely. That invites intervention from outsiders, which heralds the onset of turmoil and instability in the long run.

Irrespective of all the factors, democracy alone guarantees Afghanistan an honourable existence in strength, peace and prosperity.

Afghanistan cannot suffer isolation in the name of religion because there are many countries practising the same religion in modified ways. As there is no single model of capitalism or communism today, there is no single model of Islam or Christianity. Schismatic violence is common in world religions.

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