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India in 21st Century, Media in 20th

Priyanka will prove a damp squib like the Kolkata conclave of 23 regional parties. The only gain of Priyanka entering formally politics is the quelling of the intrigues and scheme of 23 regional parties and their leaders dreaming of making it to the prime ministership of India by giving the slogan of defeat Narendra Modi, stop Modi, check Modi from winning another term in the election of parliament in April-May 2019. That works in favour of Narendra Modi.

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Victory of Modi Victory of India

Today India is the Republic of the Looters, by the looters and for the looters.secret operations of the looters’ community are now in the open for everyone to see and which can no more be hidden by the newspaper, radio, television journalists, editors and owners. In one sentence- it is an unwritten form of law to grant complete independence to the members of the state assemblies to govern the geographical territory of their constituency as they wish with impunity. They are declared as Rulers of their constituency. That exactly is what they wanted, that exactly was the form of governance for almost 2000 years of British, Mughal and Hindu Rulers. They want all financial, administrative, police and judicial powers in the territory.

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Spurious Surveys & Concocted Results

All sponsored surveys will prove horribly wrong and all commissioned journalists and editors, who have compromised their independence against the people of India and in favour of Rahul Gandhi or the Mahagathbandhan by joining the vilification campaign against Narendra Modi and promotion of Rahul Gandhi, will regret working against public interest to block/check/defeat the formation of the next government by Narendra Modi and depriving them of a stable, strong, clean, transparent and people’s servant government.  

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Strategists Don’t Miscalculate

Election to the Indian parliament in the second quarter of 2019 is going to be a big fight between the honest and corruption -free prime minister Narendra Modi and the soaked in corruption Congress and its limpets. The Congress has made its intent clear by making Kamal Nath as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and Shiela Dixit the Delhi Congress Party President. The people will have to take the responsibility of electing one of them. If they choose the corrupt Congress and its allies, they will have no ground for complaint. Christian Michel can be awarded Padma Vibhushan and Sonia Gandhi Bharat Ratna.

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Rising of the Dead from the Grave

What it means by “check/stop/defeat Modi”? Do they want another corrupt regime, a weak government, parallel government, parallel economy, black economy, backwardness, stalled development, engineering riots from time to time, compromising national interests, death of democracy, Emergency, dynastic rule or some form of plutocracy, more poverty, more hunger, more starvation, backwardness, violence, illiteracy, terrorism and crime?

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Silence Most Potent weapon

Antony spoke in many words but a different kind of “silence” than “Maunmohan” Singh: he did not categorically say that bribe was not taken by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi or others. It means he did not issue any certificate of honesty to them. He said that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi never “interfered in the Augusta deal”. Was he any different from other ministers who simply signed the files sent to them for signatures after Mrs. Sonia Gandhi had “approved” them? Even Dr. MMS was the subject of satire in cartoons on TV and print media signing files marked approved. Had the details of bribe been disclosed to AK Antony, he would not have signed the file. So, the question of interference would not arise. But mark the use of the verb “interfere”.

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Urbanisation & Pollution

Pollution emergency is declared in big cities. Are the residents not responsible for it? Perhaps, they can reduce it by adopting urban habits, customs and mores rather than enjoying complete freedom of all kinds- rights without accountability. Not a good habit to act foul only because nobody to supervise.

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