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Equitable Distribution of Wealth Easier Than Creating Wealth

Wealth creation is a hard exercise than equitable distribution of wealth. It is deplorable to berate wealth creators only because of demographics. A society is served for centuries by one man or one woman who creates wealth and engages in the vocation of creating wealth. The process creates jobs for people, starting with a single […]

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Narendra Modi’s Landslide Victory Was Predicted In My Book. It’s Come True.

I had predicted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi winning a landslide victory in my book “Will Narendra Modi Win Election 2019?” basis in-depth micro and macro analysis across the political and economic spectrum. It has been validated in fantastic fashion.

To understand the true reasons why this victory was always coming, do read my book available from Amazon.

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Modi Shames Deconstruction Theorists

Rahul Gandhi and Party used deconstruction as a missile to destroy Narendra Modi and Construct his own image but ended in enhancing the Public image of Narendra Modi and lowering his own image.

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Why people Abuse?

Abusing the Prime Minister like a bully in a school or by the roadside signals grave threat to Rule of Law and Democracy. It deserves to be curved and tamed . To do so it deserves to be severely punished.

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Civil Services Examination

Aspirants for Civil Services Exam ought to do a reality check before paying huge fee to coaching centres. IFS has already lost the prime position to the IAS. How many candidates are recruited to the IFS annually? Not more than 20. For the IAS the numbers are less than 100. IPS too the numbers are not very large. Maximum number of all the civil services may not exceed 900 to 1900. There are many alternatives to civil services are available now. Several offer better prospects and work culture. Explore them before getting fixated to the CS Exam.


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Cabinet Form of Government or NAC Form?

Elect ion 2019 options for voters: Cabinet Form of Government or NAC Form of Government?

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The Cloak-and-dagger Civil Society

A grouping of hundreds of self styled civil society members have started a campaign to oust prime minister Narendra Modi. They had benefited from the misrule of the UPA-I & II when the NAC functioned as a superior government exercising all Executive Authority of the Government of India without leaving a paper trail. Today the political parties want paper trail of votes cast in the EVM, but never demand any such proof from unlawful governments functioning, giving the impression that a handful of crooks are enough to rule a poor country like India. They had done that in the Emergency of 1975-77. They have done so during 2004-14. Will they succeed again to install an NAC rule which will impose emergency in due course so that no elections are held, opposition leaders are jailed, freedom of thought and expression is snatched and students are killed at whim on the basis of political views. The real civil society has to watch and see what they can do to protect and preserve the constitution of India, democracy and freedom of the people.

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