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The Cloak-and-dagger Civil Society

A grouping of hundreds of self styled civil society members have started a campaign to oust prime minister Narendra Modi. They had benefited from the misrule of the UPA-I & II when the NAC functioned as a superior government exercising all Executive Authority of the Government of India without leaving a paper trail. Today the political parties want paper trail of votes cast in the EVM, but never demand any such proof from unlawful governments functioning, giving the impression that a handful of crooks are enough to rule a poor country like India. They had done that in the Emergency of 1975-77. They have done so during 2004-14. Will they succeed again to install an NAC rule which will impose emergency in due course so that no elections are held, opposition leaders are jailed, freedom of thought and expression is snatched and students are killed at whim on the basis of political views. The real civil society has to watch and see what they can do to protect and preserve the constitution of India, democracy and freedom of the people.

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Wanted 545 Chowkidars

The accused, convicted and bailed politicians are shouting loud against a clean government, prime minister and cabinet. They are frustrated but also mean and seem to have lost their sanity. They have brought disrepute to the country by their shameless acts of corruption they have hidden from the people of India but known to all international bodies. It is these internationally known looters of India who have started shouting against the watchman/Chowkidar of the Republic of India. The 545 members of the Lok Sabha are constitutionally the real watchmen/ chowkidars, who exercise oversight on the government and possess the power to throw out any corrupt or inefficient government in no time, irrespective of the term of 5 years of the MPs. If the house is dissolved, only then the tenure of the MPs is cut short. But that no democratic party will ever risk.

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One Chowkidar and Forty Thieves

The chor are in great panic. They were the Chowkidar chors for 10 long years of UPA rule 2004 through 2014. They helped Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijaya Mallya and many Bhandaris, Talwars, Saxena, Michel, Quattrocchi etc. to steal from public sector banks like PNB. Now these chor call Narendra Modi the chor. Narendra Modi has frightened Nirav/Mehul/Mallya seek asylum in foreign lands. Wait for first week of May 2019, others will run away in the name of medial check up in tax havens. The Chowkidar in Narendra Modi the watchman will catch most thieves and chors will wail loudly in jail.

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The Nuisance Group

What looked comic for a few months has turned in to a nuisance. It is polluting language. It is lowering norms. It has thrown all values down the gutter. It is becoming violent by the day. It is warning public servants of punishment for doing their duty honestly. It is resorting to Hitlerian propaganda tactics, Maoist doctrine of repeating lies a1000 times till the masses start believing it to be the truth, it has beaten even McCarthyism, it has dwarfed the Orwellian Big Brother, it acts shrewd Machiavelli and treats Chanakya with more than the highest contempt. A single error of judgement that the voters make of casting their precious votes in favour of The Nuisance Group collectively or any of its constituents, is sure to implement this CMP (Common Minimum Programme) in May 2019 itself.

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When Voters Fail To Do Their Duty

Good governments are elected by good voters. When voters fail to perform their constitutional obligation to cast vote and elect the right lawmakers, they elect get a government that fails them. The consequences are public misery, poverty, disease, corruption, plutocracy and kleptocracy. Vote for your own wellbeing.

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Pakistan Wasted 71 Years Pursuing Hate Agenda

It is time for Pakistan to take stock of the past 71 years since it came into existence. It has simply wasted valuable assets in pursuing its misconceived hate agenda against India. Had it also embarked on a development agenda, as did India, it would have been a different Pakistan. What is it today? It […]

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India in 21st Century, Media in 20th

Priyanka will prove a damp squib like the Kolkata conclave of 23 regional parties. The only gain of Priyanka entering formally politics is the quelling of the intrigues and scheme of 23 regional parties and their leaders dreaming of making it to the prime ministership of India by giving the slogan of defeat Narendra Modi, stop Modi, check Modi from winning another term in the election of parliament in April-May 2019. That works in favour of Narendra Modi.

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