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Shastra Poojaa & Shaastra Pooja

There lies the lesson in shastra pooja and shaastra poojaa: worship books of knowledge and arms. Those who bear arms must worship them and never disrespect them by their misuse or abuse. Arms are not for frightening people; they are meant to assure them of security in times of need. The National Day Parades in all countries are a public display of Shastra Pooja. Ignorance of the objectives and strategy of shastra pooja draws absurd comments from some persons. Nation or individuals need to bear arms in public interest. They must also worship knowledge and books for contributing to the betterment of the people.

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Mahatma Gandhi, Khadi & Truth

Mahatma Gandhi gave India a unique set of development goals, which were sustainable. Khadi weaving, development of micro enterprises called village industries and Truth were the levers to that growth. Truth wins over un-truth, if practiced in the Gandhian way. Read more…

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Mahatma Gandhi A Superb Role Model For A Leader

Mahatma Gandhi was a Leader of the highest qualities and a role model. His leadership beat even the clever Britishers, who could not destroy him and suppress his freedom movement.


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India Vanquishes Pakistan

The candid acknowledgement of Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan that it cannot win a conventional war against India ever in future is a turning point in not only India-Pakistan relations but also heralds a revolutionary change in the regional politics. No earlier Prime Minister of Pakistan had spoken so frankly of the reality. Imran […]

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Media Trans-National Companies

An enormous amount of negative news about India is traded by trans- National Media Companies like the BBC, NYT, The Washington Post and others of their genre. They have their commission agents, merchant partners and stringers in India. Like other MNCs in other high-tech areas, these MNCs & TNCs know their operational objectives in India. […]

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Theist, atheist or agnostic

God is not religion but pure science, if any intelligent person would like to scientifically study the complex laws of physics and arithmetic of the placement, positioning, motion and distance between stars, planets, galaxies and multiverses. .

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Why Jai Shri Ram Not Jai Shri Krishna?

Why do the Hindu community say Jai Shri Ram and why not Jai Shri Krishna? A columnist has raised a question which had been raised by several others many a time. To get an answer one needs to understand division of Time into 4 epochs of Satyug, Treta, Dwapar, Kalyug and Avatar in different epochs. Maryada made Lord Ram’s name chanted on all occasions while people also chant Jai Shri Krishna and Jai Radhey. Such a profound subject demands a deed study.

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