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Protests Costly Distraction

The need of the hour is that the youth analyse all issues themselves dispassionately and independently without the opinions of others (professors, journalists, religious leaders, political leaders, foreign predators). The only purpose of education is to become intelligent enough to study issues in this manner and make all decisions independently. Use your own brain rather than let others hijack your brain.

Protests against CAA (or any other law passed by the parliament after due deliberation and also reviewed by the Supreme Court of India) are futile.

They are levers in the hands of those who are not well-wishers of the people of India.

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BJP’s Bewilderment & Congress’s Wonderment

The bewilderment of Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of UP, deserves serious consideration by all. His bewilderment emanates from the disproportionate influence the communists/left parties have over the students and professors. Yogi Adityanath feels anti-national slogans on campuses of some universities are disturbing and indicative of extremism and Naxalism on campuses. It is a belated disillusionment on the part of a leader of the BJP and his followers. The BJP, like the communists, are caught in the past and refuse to change. The BJP has to acknowledge the urgent need for respect for modern education, intelligentsia, university teachers, learners and research scholars. Living on the past glory 24×7 does not sell.

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Commentaries on CAA Defy Strategic Thought

Emotional outbursts on matters strategic cut no ice. Citizenship (Amendment) Act has evoked emotional reactions from all brands of secularists in the political firmament. Saying Mahatma Gandhi was for equal respect for all religions is forgetting conveniently the fact that it was tragically defied by Jinnah. The result was mass massacre of innocent men, women and children in 1947 solely on the basis of religion and oppression of those left behind.

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Jharkhand Assembly Election Results

Hate is the bonding material of the political parties across ideological divide: they hate Narendra Modi intensely. He symbolises for them the  Indian masses. They hate the masses because they are peace loving and abhor violence. The hate mongers have their icons known globally as terrorists and mafia. Hate is a very dangerous emotion which fills the mind of its practitioner with powerful criminal intent like assassination of the head of a state or government and other important leaders, lone wolf attacks on civil society or forming terrorist groups to wreak havoc in society.

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The Sharad Pawar Interview

Had Sharad Pawar accepted the prime minister’s offer to work together, it would have ruined the image of the PM and his party. The  consequence of such an alliance can only be imagined. That the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was saved such a horrible embarrassment can be credited only to the Grace of God Almighy!

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Hunting A Golden Deer?

Politics devoid of ethics is dangerous. Maharashtra is experiencing opportunism of the worst kind. Private ambitions gain supremacy over public good. Congress will not allow the government of Uddhav Thackeray for long and pull it down at the earliest. If it fails, Sharad Pawar and the NCP stand to gain immensely. The secular credentials of the Congress-NCP-SS are all humbug as no minister from the minorities was included in the first bunch of 7 ministers. So much for a hollow secularism and Sachcharite minority concerns.

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The Vesti Proved More Eloquent Than Speech

The recent meeting of Indian PM Narendra Modi with the visiting Chinese Leader was widely covered by the media. There were many comments and interpretations on the dress of the Prime Minister. Here is one from me for the discerning readers.

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