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Silence Most Potent weapon

Antony spoke in many words but a different kind of “silence” than “Maunmohan” Singh: he did not categorically say that bribe was not taken by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi or others. It means he did not issue any certificate of honesty to them. He said that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi never “interfered in the Augusta deal”. Was he any different from other ministers who simply signed the files sent to them for signatures after Mrs. Sonia Gandhi had “approved” them? Even Dr. MMS was the subject of satire in cartoons on TV and print media signing files marked approved. Had the details of bribe been disclosed to AK Antony, he would not have signed the file. So, the question of interference would not arise. But mark the use of the verb “interfere”.

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Urbanisation & Pollution

Pollution emergency is declared in big cities. Are the residents not responsible for it? Perhaps, they can reduce it by adopting urban habits, customs and mores rather than enjoying complete freedom of all kinds- rights without accountability. Not a good habit to act foul only because nobody to supervise.

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Farm Loan Waiver: Indian Deception

Farmers loan waiver a bad remedy for a condition which needs reforms in agricultural economy. Indian politicians keep farmers in perpetual bondage for stealing mandate to power unethically. Farmers are entitled to generate surplus not default. Would politicians of the dynasticist kind let them do so?

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Who Won Who Lost?

The results of elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telanga and Mizoram are a wonderful case study in who won and who lost. Going beyond apparent victory and defeat it is indicative of the very complex Indian political eco system and what influences it. While scholar analysts have examined it from their point of view, I have this humble contribution to the literature on current political affairs. Hope readers enjoy it. Pl give your comments so that required improvements can be made in future as we stand to watch real battles in 2019.

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Dark Side Of Modernity

Too much of commercialisation of day to day living is impacting physical and emotional health of the people. On the one hand are new life threatening diseases and on the other are life style diseases. One is unable to enjoy truly. It needs a revival of social and religious roots. For a good living one does not need all the wealth of the world- only a little amount but lots of stress free time.

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The Sardar Patel Statue

India has become such a soft state in leass than 70 years that enemy agents give a call to break the country into pieces from the Jawaharlal Nehru university, Delhi. They have the arrogance to celebrate the partitioner of India in AMU. The former Vice President has openly advocated views that weaken the country. They hate anybody bold and devoted to development, integration or unity of India like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel or his follower like prime minister Narendra Modi. However, world peace needs a strong India to contribute decisively towards achieving the goal. There would have been no Kashmir problem or Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir had Sardar Patel been allowed to take decision. But for Sardar Patel, there would have been only Kashmirs in India today. He showed determination, resoluteness and courage to extinguish any such aspirations among the Maharajas, Rajas and Nawabs.

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Judiciary Must Respect the Constitution

The independence of the judiciary is no “dogma”. It should not degenerate into a superior government or superior parliament. Trends are very disturbing. Danger is judges might be tempted to act judge, lawyer and journalist in one on the Bench. The public jury or People’s Court does not permit it.

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