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Career Choices Before Students Of English Literature

Graduates of English literature have multiple career choices. They possess a valuable soft skill: English language. Some options are listed in this article.

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Delhi University English Literature Syllabus Debate

English literature offers the Indian students with unlimited high paying employment opportunities. They only need to enrich it with a new approach to skill themselves as suggested in this article.

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Inefficiency Gives Birth to Corruption

Inefficiency adversely affects productivity and good governance. It is the difference between a transparent government and a corrupt one.


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Improve Efficiency & Productivity

The next 59 months are valuable for real economic growth, increased GDP and real incomes just by improved efficiency and productivity. Technology has to be harnessed to improve functioning of public services. While the country becomes “digital India”, its working can’t remain chained to the previous century. Similarly, attitudes of the public servants as also […]

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Equitable Distribution of Wealth Easier Than Creating Wealth

Wealth creation is a hard exercise than equitable distribution of wealth. It is deplorable to berate wealth creators only because of demographics. A society is served for centuries by one man or one woman who creates wealth and engages in the vocation of creating wealth. The process creates jobs for people, starting with a single […]

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Narendra Modi’s Landslide Victory Was Predicted In My Book. It’s Come True.

I had predicted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi winning a landslide victory in my book “Will Narendra Modi Win Election 2019?” basis in-depth micro and macro analysis across the political and economic spectrum. It has been validated in fantastic fashion.

To understand the true reasons why this victory was always coming, do read my book available from Amazon.

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Modi Shames Deconstruction Theorists

Rahul Gandhi and Party used deconstruction as a missile to destroy Narendra Modi and Construct his own image but ended in enhancing the Public image of Narendra Modi and lowering his own image.

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