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Conflict is In the nature  Of Creation, It spurs action Its absence inertia Karma-Akarma The conflicting aspects It is not between Man and man Man and species Living and circumstances Spurred to action Resolution of conflict Inertia aggravating it Lingers on and on  Do as formatted There is no dearth  Of Guides: Instincts, Emotions, Thoughts, […]


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Answer This

Is there a difference Between man and butterflies? Are they creations or evolution? Is it one creation? For whom or whose pleasure? Is man not another complimentary Creature among all life forms? If birds could be painted So bright and lovely If leopards could get Spots on beautiful skin If butterflies could be The best […]

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Sanctuary for Man

Man has set up Sanctuaries for all- Tigers, birds, crocodiles, But none for man! How does man celebrate His 100 th birthday? Working, eating, romancing? Or exploring, discovering, inventing? To the tourist destinations Or the woods? Vaanaprastha or Vanagaman Woods for the serenity Pure joy of being one With the whole Finding his relevance In […]

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No Apocalypse

There shall be No apocalypse No qayamat No end… Neither matter Nor energy Can be destroyed Because neither can be created! The universe Embraces many planets Earth being just one. Man may try To destroy Earth Only to harm himself Before the earth Establishes its supremacy Enthuse us to live Precious beautiful life On earth […]

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Mauni Amavasya or the Day of Silence

The day of silence Considered pious Falls on the last day Of the dark fortnight Of the month of Magh… What is so special about it? Only a gentle reminder Of re-living the comfort Of the womb,its silence To compare it with The bigger womb-this universe Its cacophony of noises Distracting, disrupting The rhythm of […]

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Right, Wrong Or what?

What is right What is wrong But for human creation? Man is just one Among more than A million species Of  souls living On earth, air or water Knotted in concepts Of right & wrong Cause of unhappiness Conflicts, crimes, crookedness While rest of  world Goes about Life The natural way Free of  all knots […]

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Kabir: The Great Indian Poet

Kabir  is one of the most loved poets of India. In his couplets, he refers to himself as Kabira . Who knows, he might have earned the name when mocked by the pundits of Benares, who might have called him a poet or KaviRamnaami, which got shortened to Kabira in due course. This is Kabir’s […]

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