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Wanted 545 Chowkidars

The accused, convicted and bailed politicians are shouting loud against a clean government, prime minister and cabinet. They are frustrated but also mean and seem to have lost their sanity. They have brought disrepute to the country by their shameless acts of corruption they have hidden from the people of India but known to all international bodies. It is these internationally known looters of India who have started shouting against the watchman/Chowkidar of the Republic of India. The 545 members of the Lok Sabha are constitutionally the real watchmen/ chowkidars, who exercise oversight on the government and possess the power to throw out any corrupt or inefficient government in no time, irrespective of the term of 5 years of the MPs. If the house is dissolved, only then the tenure of the MPs is cut short. But that no democratic party will ever risk.

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