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Delhi Voters Verdict Confounds Everyone

While the anti-corruption agitation connected Arvind Kejriwal to the middle class, the focus on urban poverty connected him to the urban poor Delhi residents. There lies the mystery of the “scary” victory of AAP in Delhi assembly elections. It contains a hidden message for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to think of “smart villages” before you devote all your energies on setting up or developing 100 smart cities. You need smart villages to sustain smart cities.

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Aam Aadmi Party Guilty of Model Code of Conduct Violation, says ECI

The Election Commission of India has found the Aam Aadmi Party guilty of violation of the Model Code of Conduct enforced with effect of the announcement of the poll schedule on 5 March. I am posting some of my observations published in the India Today online. It is absolutely essential for the people to take […]

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The Vashikaran Mantra called Anti-corruption

Mantra is a fairly commonly used word in the English language like Pundit or Punditry. All these words have originated from Sanskrit and Hindi. Vashikaran literally means bewitchment, enticement, magnetize and thereby control somebody. The term is particularly used in the context of love, romance or relationships where either of the sides feels the need […]

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Curious Case of AAP’s Identity Theft & Superficial Secularism

The poor man’s identity itself has been stolen. Look at our nouveau aam aadmi. Do they resemble the real aam aadmi (the nanga-bhooka-garib aam aadmi)? They are either rich or crorepatis or multi lakhpatis at least. Before the birth of the AAP there have been umpteen such claimants to the throne of the poor aam […]

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Language, political upheavals & Mass Miseries

The newbie AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) which collected windfall political gains in recently held Delhi elections by winning 28 seats in a legislature consisting of 70 members and even not being the single largest party in the house (it was the BJP) formed the government with the support of the Congress Party. The whole election […]

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