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AAP Disintegrating Before Even De-Generating

This is exactly to the script of the Delhi Group. As successive purges take place in the AAP, even Arvind Kejriwal will be removed on health grounds or other grand sounding objective, and then shall step in those making a political career for themselves. The true face of the movers of the strings of this puppet show will hardly be known. By the time people know what has become of the AAP they supported, the next election would have descended on them. At the moment, the AAP without the sane guidance of persons like Shanti Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan or Mayank Gandhi is soulless entity

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Delhi Voters Verdict Confounds Everyone

While the anti-corruption agitation connected Arvind Kejriwal to the middle class, the focus on urban poverty connected him to the urban poor Delhi residents. There lies the mystery of the “scary” victory of AAP in Delhi assembly elections. It contains a hidden message for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to think of “smart villages” before you devote all your energies on setting up or developing 100 smart cities. You need smart villages to sustain smart cities.

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Raising Nurseries of Poverty & Terrorism

The choice is between continuing with the Nurseries of Poverty, multiplying them & harvesting political power forever or giving the poor their rights to education, health, food and livelihood, guaranteed by the constitution of India, which have been largely denied to them so far. This when India is blessed by nature with rich resources and intelligent manpower. The enterprising Indians are capable of translating their dreams in to reality. They were handicapped for decades by absence of good governance. Now they have one. Therefore, the choice is Modi or others in India; Kiran Bedi or Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi; development or Nurseries of Poverty all over the country? The verdict of the Delhi voters will decide it effectively on February 10, 2015.

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Delhi Politics Hotting Up

  So the incapability of 67 members of the Delhi Assembly has failed to provide a stable government or collectively serve the people of Delhi, in whose name they have fought the election in December 2013 and have been at each other’s throat ever since and in whose name again they say they are going […]

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Delhi Assembly Dissolved

Shut down government, dissolve assembly, force people to suffer repeated elections at short intervals, squander tax payers’ money as if it is black money, vilify opponents, attempt becoming Prime Minister, suck the people, seek Congress support again for government formation, use slander tactics, defame judiciary/election machinery/ LG of Delhi and freely fling wild allegations against all & sundry! The people voted Narendra Modi decisively. India has not seen a strong prime minister for decades. Narendra Modi has infused new life in every heart. He has shown that a clean and functioning government is workable in India. He is being challenged by Arvind Kejriwal and his garrulous lieutenants. The AAP hates and spreads hatred against more than 50% of the Delhi voters who had voted

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Making An Enigma Of Kejriwal

First he annoyed them. Then he dazed them. Finally he stunned them. He has not stopped needling them on a daily basis. By his unconventional politics Arvind Kejriwal, operating under the banner of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), acts like a whole army by himself. He chooses his target very carefully, mounts a commando operation, […]

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Aam Aadmi Party Guilty of Model Code of Conduct Violation, says ECI

The Election Commission of India has found the Aam Aadmi Party guilty of violation of the Model Code of Conduct enforced with effect of the announcement of the poll schedule on 5 March. I am posting some of my observations published in the India Today online. It is absolutely essential for the people to take […]

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