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Silence Most Potent weapon

Antony spoke in many words but a different kind of “silence” than “Maunmohan” Singh: he did not categorically say that bribe was not taken by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi or others. It means he did not issue any certificate of honesty to them. He said that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi never “interfered in the Augusta deal”. Was he any different from other ministers who simply signed the files sent to them for signatures after Mrs. Sonia Gandhi had “approved” them? Even Dr. MMS was the subject of satire in cartoons on TV and print media signing files marked approved. Had the details of bribe been disclosed to AK Antony, he would not have signed the file. So, the question of interference would not arise. But mark the use of the verb “interfere”.

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Sanjaya Baru, former media Adviser to the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, has published a book titled The Accidental Prime Minister giving an insider’s view of the running of the government since 2004. There is nothing startling about its contents which were public knowledge and had already been published in articles, comments and […]

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