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Mocking Trump or Values Post 1945?

In a sense, the American Presidential election is a test of human “faith” in these testing times when “modernity” is under challenge from what is “anti-modernity”. It includes the ideas about science, technology, democracy, liberalism, liberty, equality, justice, human rights, women’s rights and other such concepts of the modern human society. All achievements of the modern society are under threat. We can’t imagine end of democracy or liberalism, scientific pursuit or technological advancement, and the freedom of thought and expression.

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Clinton & Trump: Who Is Right? Who Is Wrong?

Can they guarantee that a defeat for Donald Trump is a guarantee of the Islamic terrorists sparing America? Can they guarantee that the victory of Hillary Clinton shall protect America from another 9/11 on the American soil. Can they assure that the defeat of Donald Trump will also mean the end of Islamic terrorism?

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