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Why Corruption Needs To Be Eradicated?

I would have no quarrel if it is said that corruption is a global phenomenon. But should we import or export corruption in the global market? Even global problems have local versions. In India, the public anger is against our kind of corruption. The vastness and multiplicity of cultures, religions, languages, ideologies etc can create […]

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Mashale Azadi

Shahidon ni thi woh mashalen jalayin, Beimaan rahnumaon ne who hi bujhayin, Ab Anna ne wohi mashalen hain uthayin, Nayi peedhi ne aage badh ke hain uthayin, Ab hai tasalli   itni si  mere  saathiyon, Ab watan tumahare hawale saathiyon!

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One India Raises Hopes

India speaking in one voice against corruption raises hopes of a genuinely bright future for the people. It is more reassuring that India spoke, for it was the enigma of the silence of the followers of peace and non-violence that had encouraged corruption to replace the rule of law in the country. Corruption increased by […]

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