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Gurgaon, Gudgaon, Gurugaon, Gurugram or Gudganma?

Indian elite are prone to debating non-issues ad infinitum. One such raging debate is about the change of a name in Haryana. It has fuelled the imagination of the English media moguls, who were spurred to instant offence at the Haryana government announcing suddenly their decision to change the name of Gurgaon to Gurugram. Both mean the same. It is only a change in spelling. For correct phonetic transcription, it is right to do so. For the elite, Gurgaon is the millennium city, a city to which they “belong”. All debate must end with right spelling of the place as “Gurugaon” without introducing the stronger to pronounce Gurugram. It needs effort on the part of the user to say Gurugram whereas Gurugaon flows smoothly. It should satisfy the government and the elite alike.

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