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The Trap Turns to a Noose!

The newspapers and TV channels have suddenly found a topic for increasing their TRP ratings. It is Arvind Kejriwal. Or to be precise, the AAP. We yet don’t know which of these two has captured the imagination of our media, press and politicians. It is kind of a sudden change in weather conditions which nobody […]

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Lokpal Bill Passed In The Lok Sabha

The agitation for the legislation of the anti-graft law comes to an end today- the Parliament of India has passed the Bill in the People’s House/ Lok Sabha this 18 December 2013. The Bill has been hailed as historic by some and a Joke Pal by others. Anna Hazare, whose crusade in 2011 fired the […]

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Delhi Assembly Election 2013

India has seen hung Assembly or Parliament after a fractured electoral verdict in the past also, but the situation in Delhi after the declaration of the Assembly election results on 4th December 2013 is peculiar. It is so for two reasons: the indecisive Delhi voters’ mind; and the NOTA (None Of The Above) mentality. People […]

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Voter Turn Out Expression Of Anger

The recently concluded elections to four states (Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan & Delhi) witnessed a heavy voter turn out. This is currently being debated on TV channels by all categories of political pundits within the usual parameters of anti-incumbency, pro-incumbency, right, left, centre middle, corruption and inflation. Exit polls have favoured the BJP and discounted […]

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