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Voter Turn Out Expression Of Anger

The recently concluded elections to four states (Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan & Delhi) witnessed a heavy voter turn out. This is currently being debated on TV channels by all categories of political pundits within the usual parameters of anti-incumbency, pro-incumbency, right, left, centre middle, corruption and inflation. Exit polls have favoured the BJP and discounted […]

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Kurukshetra Ki ore Dekho Sanjaya aur Mujhe Bitao ki wahan kya…

The forthcoming elections in some states are going to present a rehearsal of the next General elections to the Lok Sabha. But the real action would be in UP, which was called The United Provinces not long ago! We will get feedback from Sanjaya, as he is blessed with doordrashti, when the war starts. For […]


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