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Rajnitika aur Rajnaitik (Politics or Political Morality)?

Former Finance MInister Yashwant Sinha’s vicious attack on Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is unjustified. He has joined the corrupt Congress establishment to remove Modi and revive black economy and parallel government. It will not succeed. Narendra Modi will win the 2019 election with more seats than in 2014. The BJP will be purged of the Yashwant Sinhas and his ilk in 2019.

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Black Money V/s No Money

What indicates good health of any economy- black money or no money? Transparency International has been revealing the amount of black money illegally transferred from several among the 177 countries covered in its annual reports to tax havens abroad. The graph has only been moving northward. India too has made bewildering progress. How much black […]

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What is common between high taxes on personal incomes and robbery? Both dispossess the earner of his legitimate income by unfair means. Is there any upper limit on personal income tax? No, there is none. The greatest flaw of  democracy is this power of taxation without any limit in the hands of the elected members […]

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