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Conflict Between Modernity & Medievalism

India is witnessing a conflict of medievalism and modernity. The elite class claims to belong to modernity, professes secularism, democracy, human rights, equality, justice and everything else that goes by the markings of modernity. As against it, a large number of people practice medieval way of life, rejecting everything that resembles ever distantly as modern. But it is just not India as the whole world is engulfed in this war. This war, whenever it takes place, will prove to be the most devastating one. The freedom of the human mind is likely to emerge victorious thereafter. But will it? Or the process of further human bondage has already begun?

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Tears In Eyes, Prayers On Lips

It was terrible this morning to learn about the American School shooting. One really doesn’t imagine such dastardly acts. Unfortunate that small children were killed ! The world has mourned their death! The global village that the connected world today is, was shocked beyond belief. Only He can provide solace to the families that will […]

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No Evidence of Alien Life Really?

The White House is reported to have said that “it has no evidence that extra-terrestrials have even tried to contact humans”. America seems to have become some kind of a new Church of the modern knowledge society to pronounce on such delicate subjects. If no extra-terrestrials had ever contacted the humans, how could Jesus, Ram, […]

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