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Art versus Artful Commerce

Is nudity art or commerce? Is pillow talk in visual or print art or commerce? Is bedroom activity in full details in films, art or commerce? Is selective screening of alluring, seductive, provocative or captivating scenes in films, art or commerce? As film is a moving medium as against other art forms which are static, is a dose of bedroom activity art and the full film sheer porn to be x-rated? Art leads the viewer to happiness and tranquility through catharsis. Art cleanses emotions. Art subjects thoughts and ideas to rigorous critical test before accepting them. Porn, on the contrary titillates but causes frustration, emptiness, depression soon; it demeans, not elevates; it debases whereas art sublimates; it ends in pain. But art is only happiness. If the Indian film makers were to produce an art film with scenes of complete nudity, nobody will object to it. The only condition is that it should be original. No borrowed ideas, no plagiarism, no cut & paste work.

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