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A Historic Fast Ends

On persistent requests from civil society, concerned citizens and prominent persons, the Anna Hazare led indefinite fast at Jantar Mantar in Delhi for a Jan Lok Pal Bill comes to an end today evening. A group of well known public figures in the service of the people in all different agencies of the government also […]

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Too Many Lawyers Spoil The Draft

What a complete absence of Leadership was on display in the Rajya Sabha on 29/12/2011 !!! It needs to be humbly noted(and not flippantly ignored)that democracy can’t be outsourced to shouting brigades, making all kinds of faces inside the parliament and on television channels, indulging in verbal knavery and trying to ride the nation roughshod. […]

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Anna Calls Off Fast

The 3 day session of the Indian Parliament  from 27th to 29th December 2011 is devoted to the consideration and passing of the Lok Pal Bill. This has been dictated by the Transparency Revolution currently going on under the leadership of Anna Hazare, a 74 years young follower of the Father Of The Nation, Mahatma […]

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Attack on Bhushan a Mere Ploy

The criminal attack on Prashant Bhushan was a mere ploy, as the real target was the anti-corruption lobby led by Anna Hazare. It would have been too obvious had the attack been directed against Anna himself. So another of the three others could be targeted. Kiran being a woman was spared. Kejriwal was sought to […]

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Appeal To Shri Anna Hazare

  Anna has achieved more than I, an ordinary member of the civil society,had expected! He has succeeded in making the parliament take notice of the devastating effect corruption was having on the aam aadmi life and conduct a genuinely serious analysis and consideration.I have been glued to the TV for several hours now and […]

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CAG Reports Bust Myths

The Comptroller  and Auditor General of India has thoroughly scrutinized the accounts of the Government of India for the past 7 years and torn the myths of aam aadmi friendly government, headed by an economist Prime Minister. It has unravelled the  mystery of the loot of public funds or losses to the exchequer worth billions […]

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Chain and cage the corrupt

Yeh public bhi kya-kya kahati hai !  ( How to deal with corruption: Public speak) A journey in the local city transport bus can be more instructive  than the moderated superficial debates on television channels on subjects of current national and international affairs. I happened to witness one such event in a DTC(Delhi Transport Bus) […]

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