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My New Book “Will Narendra Modi Win Election 2019?” Is Now Available for Purchase

Indian Election in 2019 will be watched very keenly globally – like the American President’s Election in 2016 – and fought fiercely as stakes are really very high. It will decide if the Transparency Revolution initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi wins or the scamsters; if democracy survives or dynasticism; if India becomes a real superpower fast or remains a poor country for several decades more.

Readers of my new book will find the answer to the question whether the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will win a second term in election 2019.

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Modi Defeats Congress, Wins Gujarat & Himachal Pradesh

Narendra Modi has proved his leadership by winning Gujarat assembly elections for the party for the 6th time in a row and snatching Himachal Pradesh from the Congress for the party. Gujarat is one of the leading business states of India who are portrayed by the Congress party and its allies as against demonetisation and GST among other economic reforms of Prime Minister Modi. The voters of Gujarat gave thumping approval to demonetisation, GST and all other economic reforms. Modi goes to general elections 2019 with enhanced confidence.

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The Controversy About The Land Acquisition Act

For dissolving resistance to development programs, the Narendra Modi government will need to think far ahead of its rivals. Now that it has replaced the Planning Commission by the NITI Ayog, it must work out a suitable scheme to enlist the cooperation of the farmers by launching a scheme of attractive compensation for acquisition of their land as suggested in this article, whereby the farmers only lose possession of their land while retaining their ownership over it. The amended Land Acquisition Act before the parliament currently, may provide for it.

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Delhi Power Crisis Exposes The Frailty Of Privatization

Delhi is witnessing the worst power crisis in 67 years. It is the result of abdicating executive responsibility because of failure to function successfully. The Governments in the states were running Electricity Boards. Instead of entrusting the responsibility to run them to professionals, all kinds of corrupt bureaucrats and politicians were made chairman. As is […]

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A Political Fantasy Called “Third Front”

Come general elections in India and a slew of political light weights enter the dream world of fantasy imagining themselves as part of a new political grouping they call the third front. As per their definition the third front is visualized to stand at ‘equidistance” from both the Congress Party and the BJP (Bhartiya Janata […]

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Do They Fear Narendra Modi?

There hardly goes a day when someone or the other in the Indian political firmament does not try to hit Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat. Some newspapers and TV channels give the impression of being on paid campaign against him. Highly ambitious politicos and aspiring Prime Ministers don’t observe even the slightest courtesy deserving […]

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Still Justifying FDI In Retail

The Prime Minister, Finance Minister, commerce & Industry Minister, other cabinet ministers and the Congress Party have been trying to justify the foreign direct investment in retail stores like Wal-Mart for more than 10 days. Even after one of the alliance partners has parted ways, the government is bent upon pushing it. Why is the […]

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Time Magazine’s Stale News

The latest issue of the Time magazine carries a story which calls the Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh an “underachiever”. There is nothing new in it. Rather it is stale news, if one cares for My  Book published on this site long back. Man Mohan Singh was not “appointed” to “achieve” anything. Hence, there […]

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Mass Bribing of the Voters

Currently elections to the Uttar Pradesh Assembly are going on. A moral Code of Conduct for all political parties is in force during this period from the day the elections are notified till results are out. Parties are bound to observe the code. They are held liable if they dole out cash or liquor . […]

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