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Freedom of Press Not For Abuse

The Indian Express today sensationalized the country by publishing a story about troop movements towards Delhi in January, suggesting some kind of a coup. Nothing more tendentious has appeared in the history of India so far. In the context of the Army Chief Gen VKSingh  going hammer and tong after the corrupt lobbyists and vendors, […]

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What is common between high taxes on personal incomes and robbery? Both dispossess the earner of his legitimate income by unfair means. Is there any upper limit on personal income tax? No, there is none. The greatest flaw of  democracy is this power of taxation without any limit in the hands of the elected members […]

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Defiling Democracy Daily

Nothing new: the Indian foreign policy has been subjected to all kinds of indignities right from the shame of the Sharm-al-sheikh to Norway Indian family dispute to this matter of Lanka voting.The question is: will such an indiscreet act of voting on a resolution help the Sri Lankan Tamil’s case even a bit? Millions of […]

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Playing With Public Health

Vegetables and fruits are being injected oxytocin in order to grow fast, big size and overnight fruit. The public complaint is in the knowledge of the state governments and central government. Even the Court is seized of the matter. But nothing concrete has been done to stop such misuse of the oxytocin injections, which were […]

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Making Government Facilities non-Functional

One reason for so much public anger against the government is a direct outcome of vested interests making every government facility non-functional. Advanced diagnostic facilities in most government hospitals in the national capital, Delhi, are reported to be “non-functional or partially functional” due to which patients are compelled to go to private laboratories and facilities. […]

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Restiveness or Cussedness ?

People, press and the media anxiously await the outcome of the elections to the five state assemblies in the first week of March this year. Questions are being asked if the public outcry against corruption as displayed in the Anna Hazare led Lokpal movement will translate into votes in these elections. There are valid reasons […]

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The Complicate Web of Corruption

It is now almost a year since the Transparency Revolution under the leadership of Anna Hazare gathered steam. It received tremendous public support. The success of this revolution itself became its biggest enemy. The whole political class felt threatened. Its political implications became crystal clear to them after the field experience in an election, where […]

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