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Security Check Against Biological Attack In Parliament?

In spite of strict security checks in parliament, there are no means to foil highly advanced forms of biological attack on the head of the government, presiding officer of the house or any other targeted prominent member of the house on either side. If a target could be killed at an airport waiting to board […]


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Force Minor Versus Force Majeure The threat of Corona virus and its duration Has suddenly brought the superior force in Legal discussions as contracts contain the Provision for exception for damages in case Of matters beyond control of man, calling It Act of God or the Superior Force who can Neither sue nor be sued […]

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Trahi Trahi Chahuore

COVID-19 caution from the Benevolent, The Merciful, Mother Nature. Human wantonness has offended and infuriated Mother Nature. Super Powers kill millions in less than one day. Think if Nature too shows its power. It is the only SUPER POWER in the universe!

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Observe Kshamaparv Globally

To mitigate the severity of the current COVID-19 and to propitiate Benevolence, let us observe the period from now (March 15) up to 30th April 2020 as  the festival of Special World Kshamaparv.

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