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Media Torture

It is such a torture these days to watch the TV. There is not even one TV channel that offers any positive news or constructive views. There is so much negativity on air that the airwaves seem to spread audio-visual flu. It causes the eyes and ears to ache and the mind to suffer a […]

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The Ireland Abortion Law Violates Human Rights

Denial of medical termination of pregnancy of a woman whose death appears imminent, in the name of religion, is the worst example of violation of human rights. It is outrageous, anachronistic, outdated to do so. In an age of great human achievements in all field, such practices defame religion and religious practices. A woman has […]

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Is It Really English V/s World Languages ?

The question whether the expansion of the English language is going to wipe out the other languages of the world  in the near future is a serious one indeed. While Britannia may no more rule the world, its language seems to do so. Everybody is keen to use it. The number of learners and users […]

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Depicting Value of the Girl Child

They call it sex ratio. They are worried about the skewed up sex ratio. They talk of demography. They roll out statistics. Most of it goes over the head of the ordinary listener, who is not educated in ratio or statistics or gender issues and the significance of children. Custom had made people opt for […]

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How Come They Have Not Thought Of Acquiring The Taj Mahal ?

The greedy Indian politicians and bureaucrats have acquired  prime lands and properties without a thought to their historic value. The  Bangalore Palace grounds fell to this greed, so did the Nizam’Industrial Estate in Hyderabad and the Roerich Estate in Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh. Surprisingly, our politicians and bureaucrats have not yet thought of acquiring the […]

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