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CAG Reports Bust Myths

The Comptroller  and Auditor General of India has thoroughly scrutinized the accounts of the Government of India for the past 7 years and torn the myths of aam aadmi friendly government, headed by an economist Prime Minister. It has unravelled the  mystery of the loot of public funds or losses to the exchequer worth billions […]

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Political Dementia a Robust Defence

Kalmadi is likely to sing under interrogation and cross examination. Whatever he had done was done to serve other hidden individuals for whom he played just a stooge. If he blurts out the names of the real beneficiaries of his doings, it might pose grave danger to those elements. He being in judicial custody can […]


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Parallel Government undermines PM

The lawyer ministers in the government have opened the Pandora Box by referring to  “parallel government” while attacking the civil society. They forget that it is due to the parallel government in office for more than 7 years now that governance is at  its lowest in India and corruption is highest in the history of […]

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Police Brutality on Peaceful Ramdev Protesters

A timely intervention by the court. There are some voices talking of “reining in” civil society members as if they were tyrants running a feudal principality. Were they also thinking of reining in the judiciary the same way they did in June 1975 ? Actually, it is the judiciary that has given them sleepless nights […]

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