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Who Teaches The Child To Cry At Birth ?

The question is simple: who teaches the child to cry at birth? The answer should also be simple, but it isn’t. It is as simple or as complex as the simplicity or complexity of zero. The other animals born to the womb don’t cry- they simply stand up and start  steadying their walk almost by […]

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Steven Jobs Has Gone Nowhere

  Heard a lot on TV channels, read a lot in the newspapers , including from the New York Times(NYT) about Steve Jobs after his death was announced. Most comments are restricted to the business empire the Emperor has left behind! From the glimpses of him as displayed on the TV channels, he was two […]

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Food Adulteration Biggest Scourge of India

Disease, poverty, backwardness and corruption put together have not troubled the people so much as adulteration of food. No food item is spared. Vegetables are injected with deadly drugs to accelerate their growth. It robs them of their natural flavour and causes medical problems to the consumer. Once in the market, they are further soaked […]

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